What Is A Table Saw Used For – Detailed Guideline for 2023

Let’s introduce you today with the king of wood working world. Guess what?

Yes, you guessed is right, we are gonna talk about a table saw.

A professional woodworker never imagines his workshop without a table saw. This is because this amazing machine is an expert to cut and trim different wood stocks to your desired shape perfectly within a short time.

You can use your table saw for different purposes. But especially when you need to do some complicated cuts for your projects, you have no other option without a table saw for a better outcome. That’s why we called it the ‘’king’ of your workshop!

table saw used for

In this article, we make a discussion about what is a table saw used for. Our expert team will describe you some common table saw uses that you need to know.

So guys, can we begin now?

Common Uses Of A Table Saw

First of all, if you want to realize that why a table saw is used very commonly, you need to concentrate on its design.

A table saw build with a wide table, which allows you to set small or large workpieces on its surface. Also, this tool comes with a circular blade in the middle of the table. You can lift or move down the blade as you want depends on your work.

The unique design of a table saw gives you easy access when you want to cut heavy and large pieces. The table saw is best for cutting tabletops, boards and the thick stocks.

So, you can easily cut any types of wooden pieces with a table saw. That’s the main reason why woodworkers and DIY people love to work with this tool.

So, let’s get know in details, with this useful tool, what you can do –

Straight Cuts

Table saw is popular in the woodworking world for the perfect straight cuts. The initial uses of a table saw is to make rip cuts and crosscuts, which is included in the category of straight cuts –

Rip Cuts

Table saw is famous for the quality rip cut. Ripping means, cutting stock to parallel to its grain.

To minimize the chance of jamming your saw blade and cracking the board, you must push the board straight against the fence.

Usually, making a rip cut is risky, so eye goggles is essential and hearing protector, like – working headphone is recommended during working time.

You can make a variety of rip cuts by a table saw. Also, you can straighten a curved board with this machine.

Cross Cuts

The counterpart of rip cuts is cross-cutting which means cutting wood collateral to the length. And without any question, a table saw is good enough for a quality crosscut.

When you need to cross-cuts a longboard, a table saw can be a great choice for you. Also, if you want to make tricky cross cuts, you must need a miter gauge. The good news is, most of the table saws come with an attached miter gauge.

Cross-cutting can be made with a variety of tools, like – a miter saw, band saw, chop saw, or circular saw. But you will feel very comfortable to make a cross-cut when you use a table saw.

Bevel Cuts

Bevel cuts are very common for every woodworker. And it’s a very regular practice to make a bevel cut using a table saw.

Because when you want to do a bevel cut, you need to shift the position of the blade frequently. And table saws have this unique feature. You can change the blade angle of a table saw according to your need.

Angle Cuts

There is no best choice for an angle cut rather than a table saw. Woodworkers love table saw for their projects that require difficult angle cuts.

Table saw has an attached miter gauge and it’s very easy to use a rip fence in table saw, that’s why you can comfortably make an angled cut on a table saw respectively.

Moreover, the table saw have angle scale that helps you to fix the exact cutting angle.

Cutting Grooves And Rabbets

Grooves and Rabbets are regularly practiced cuts that are made easier using a table saw.

Grooves cuts are made of towards the center of the stock when rabbets cut are made of the more far edge.

But here is an important point to notice. That is, though a table saw is useful to make these types of cuts, nonetheless, there are some risks.

This is why you need to remove blade guard in table saws and split knife to make the cuts like Grooves or Rabbets.

So, always maintain extra awareness and make sure there is no chance of an accident while you cutting grooves and rabbets cuts.

Cutting Joints

Besides all other common cutting, the table saw is expert to make join cuts.

But as before we say about Grooves and Rabbets cuts, you will need to remove the blade guard sometimes to make these cuts. So, you should be extra alert while making joint cuts with a table saw.

Joint cuts demand a whole article to explain, so here we mentioned some regular joint cuts that DIY and woodworkers do regularly with a table saw. They are – Finger cut, Tenon, Lap, Dado, etc.

Final Verdict

Undoubtedly, table saws are very multipurpose tools. After using it once, you will realize the value of this real workhorse in your workshop.

There are many uses of a table saw. Among them, we listed here some common uses of this tool.

Hopefully, this article will be beneficial for you and for your upcoming woodworking projects.


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