Best Table Saw for Beginners | Top Picks and Reviews for 2023

best starter table saw If you’re here looking for a table saw, I can simply imagine that you pass a generous amount of your time with woodcutting. Also, you surely know your way with this job & the tools used in this. Hence, telling you about the hassles of using other ordinary wood-cutting tools will be merely a waste of time.

Well, we all know that proper tools can help to bring out the best results. Whether it’s painting, photography, construction, or anything else, this fact stands. The same goes for the wood cutting. That’s why here we are, talking about the table saws.

While it’s true that these products are efficient tools for wood cutting, the ideal ones for people who’re just starting out can make the job even easier. Of course, you’ll need to know what these are, the types of table saw you’ll have, and how they work for it to happen.

Don’t worry, my piece on the topic has all the answers! In the following segments, I’ll explain what these things are and… you guessed it! How They Work. I’ll help you choose the Best Table Saws for Beginners as well. I understand if some of you want to do your own research as well.

Good news! I have a guide on that as well. Hopefully, by the end of this article, you’ll have everything at your fingertips regarding the best table saws for beginners in woodworking to make an informed decision.

What’s a Table Saw & How Does It Work?

‘Table saw’, the name should pretty much give you a hint or two on what it does already. For example, it has something to do with a table and something that serves the purpose as a saw does. Yes, you’ve got the gist of it more or less.

Getting into intricate things, a table saw is basically built with a circular saw blade, an arbor, and an electric motor. Well, there are other things too but these three are the ones that work together to do the cutting, not to mention the table also that holds the whole structure together.

Now, it’s time to understand these basic parts.

The circular saw blade is like a disc that has sharp teeth all around its edge. These sharp teeth are the reason that a circular blade can cut through the wood. There can be variations of this blade based on the types of teeth it has & the metal it is made with. Also, the thickness & size make a difference.

Then, there’s the arbor. The arbor is the shaft that holds the blade. It’s also known as spindle or mandrel. It is mainly the equipment that helps the blade revolve being driven by an electric motor. The more efficient an arbor is, the more efficiently the blade works.

The electric motor is the most important part of the structure. It generates the power for the arbor and thus the blade. The motor power is delivered to the arbor either directly, by belt, or by gears. The whole cutting power of the built usually depends on this motor power.

Last of all, what we must know is about the table. I say ‘must’ because without the table it’s just like another ordinary circular saw. Yes, the table is the one thing that perfects the whole structure & makes it special as well as efficient than a circular saw or other saws.

You see… the table here eliminates the trouble of building a workplace for cutting wood. Like, in a table saw the circular blade protrudes through the top of the table. This means the firm base of the table gives the blade stability whereas in other cases you have to rely on your hands for that.

Not only that, it’s built-in a way that you can place your work-piece wood on the table. Then again, there is this rip fence that lets you adjust the wood piece according to the blade. All working together results in a clean & anticipated straight cut.

That’s pretty much all the basic knowledge that you would need for choosing the best beginner table saw. Now it’s time to know about the types of table saws in the next part.

Types of Table Saws We Encounter

There are a whole lot of variations when it comes to table saw. You might even get overwhelmed to choose which type is suitable for your kind of work. There’s nothing to worry about it though. Here I’ll try to introduce you to some of the types & their specialty in short.

Benchtop Table Saws

Benchtop table saws are specially made for the DIYers & housework mostly. You can get this product at the least price range. It’s designed in a way that you can use it on a supporting surface like a table, with proper height. You can simply use it in your home yard or in the garage, occupying only a little space.

It’s not made for the heavy-duty but what it does is adequate. Its ripping capacity & precision can meet your expectations for the most part, if you’re going for small tasks. Moreover, you can move it from one place to another place quite easily because of its lightweight.

Table Saws for Jobsites

The name introduces itself quite well. Jobsite table saws are mostly used by carpenters, contractors, and tradesmen in their worksite. Generally, the build of it is designed to undergo the professional working environment.

Considering the power it generates, the size of its motor is comparatively small. Despite its being able to do the heavy jobs to an extent, the weight of it is not that much. You can easily transport it from one place to another. These can be good table saws for newbie woodworkers who run around very often.

Contractor Table Saws

Even if you didn’t hear “Contractor” table saws by name, chances are: You’ve heard about open-stand saws. Yup, they’re one and the same. These are comparatively heavier and have larger saws that are attached to a stand or base. The base often comes with wheels which make this table saw portable.

This means you can transport it to your job sites very easily.

The standard electrical circuits in our home can provide adequate power to run these babies. That’s why it’s known to be designed for hobbyists and homeowners. That doesn’t mean you can’t use it for tough jobs. The build of it is durable & provides accuracy.

Cabinet-style Table Saws

Cabinet table saws are made using large amounts of cast iron and steel. As a result, it minimizes vibration and increases accuracy. On the other hand, these materials make the whole structure heavy. Still, it’s a win-win situation because vibration reduces the efficiency of the machine.

However, this cabinet table saw isn’t suitable for home use. You’ll need a heavy-duty circuit installed at your home for the motor to work properly. These saws are specialized for heavy commercial & industrial applications.

Hybrid Table Saw

Hybrid table saws have mixed attributes & capabilities of a cabinet type & a contractor type. It can be classified both as a high-end contractor table saw & a low-end cabinet table saw. These days, the hybrid saws offer an enclosed cabinet to collect specks of dust. It eliminates the hassle of cleaning your workplace.

Hybrid saws are often heavier than the contractor saws but lighter than the cabinet saws. Drive mechanisms of a hybrid type table saw can be a single v-belt, a serpentine belt, or multiple v-belts. Moreover, it’s home-use friendly. It can run on 120 V standard American household circuits.


Sliding table saw, also known as European cabinet saw is used for cutting large panels and sheet goods, such as plywood or medium-density fiberboard. This type of table has a slider attached to its side. So, you can place a large piece of wood in there & move it towards the blade easily.

Large production cabinet shops mostly use these sliding table saws. This is the largest type there is. While you have to go through many troubles to cut a large piece of wood, this table saw allows you to do that with the best results. Not just that, sliding saws sometimes come with another small blade.

These are the most common & basic types of table saws you’ll see. Each of them provides different kinds of advantages. I hope that having the idea of all these types & the facilities they come with, will help you a lot in choosing your best entry level table saw.

Best Table Saws for Beginners According to My Research

Now that we know the basics & common types of table saw, it’s time to move forward & layout the best machines in the business for you. All the information & experience you had before should help to choose among these. Here are the 5 products that caught my attention with their features and benefits.

1. DEWALT Table Saw (DWE7485) – Best Starter Table Saw

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Hardware tools, machines, and other accessories are making our work easier & more comfortable. When it comes to that, ‘Dewalt’ is a name of reliability. What I have here is none other than a Dewalt product, the DEWALT Table Saw (DWE7485).

The DEWALT Table Saw (DWE7485) is a job site table saw. We already know, a job site table saw is meant for enduring the rough environment of construction sites. Well, in the case of this tool, you don’t need to worry about that at all.

This table saw has a metal roll cage covering the four corner sides of it. This cage gives the whole structure an extra point for stability & should save the body from unexpected incidents. Moreover, the body is also durable enough to withstand some minor thrusts or other collisions.

This compact-sized table saw comes in the dimensions of 22.75 x 22.75 x 13 inches & weighs only 54 pounds. I know that saying ‘only’ with 54 pounds sounds absurd like writing ‘only’ after a ten-thousand-dollar check. But truly, this weight is considerably lightweight when you’re talking about a table saw.

Speaking of lightweight, this machine is easily transportable. You can carry it to your job site at ease. The compact size allows you to carry it in the trunk of your car. Most importantly, you don’t need something like a wheeled cart to move to places. It’s designed for comfortably carrying in hands.

For placing the wood piece perfectly in front of the blade, you’ll have a stable table saw fence. Not just an ordinary one, a fence with rack and pinion telescoping rails. With the help of this mechanism, you’ll be able to adjust the fence with more smoothness, accuracy in no time.

This machine has a 15 Amp motor (equivalent to 2.17 Horsepower) which provides 5800 RPM (Revolutions per minute). This is a decent motor power for a table saw of this size. This can provide enough power to the blade to cut through your wood-piece.

I’m not bluffing!

With this motor power, the blade gets 24.5 inches of rip capacity. This means you can easily rip 4×8 plywood or OSB sheets at ease. I’m not talking about some roughly possible scrappy cut. You will get a clean & accurate cut in this capacity.

This table saw has onboard storage for blade guard assembly. I think of it as an important part of any table saw. First of all, this blade guard keeps your hands safe from any unwanted accidents. Then again, it prevents the wood from falling on a running blade.

We aren’t done yet. This machine also provides a non-through cut riving knife, anti-kickback pawls, blade change wrenches, miter gauge, and push stick. These pieces of equipment bundled together to make this table saw a complete package.

All things together, I would say this table saw would be a great deal for anyone willing to purchase one for any medium to heavy work purpose.

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The SKILSAW SPT99T-01 is a worthy contender to claim its place in the list of the Best Table Saw for Beginners. After thorough research & comparison, I can stand by that statement. Hopefully, you’ll agree with me by the end of this article.

This one here is also a job site table saw. This means it’s surely durable enough to withstand the abuse of a working environment. The heavy construction of all-metal will make sure to that. The compact size of this machine is also one of the reasons.

Despite having the dimensions of 26 x 25 x 15 inches, it surprisingly weighs only 44 pounds. No wonder why it’s called an easily portable table saw. If you want to take your machine to work & bring it back home every day, that shouldn’t be a problem with this one.

What’s special about this machine is it’s a portable worm drive table saw. You wouldn’t know the specialty of a worm drive saw unless you know about it. Let me tell you how this little feature takes the whole thing to a next level.

Worm drive gearing has the reputation of offering maximum torque. The worm drive gearings have larger teeth with more loading capacity. As a result, they can produce more power. Not only that, it offers more durability while regular ones are much likely weaker & less durable.

The amazing torque along with the 15 Amp dual-field motor becomes a beast when it’s time to provide extreme power. Just when you’re about to think that the motor & torque plays the whole game, here comes the blade that makes a precise cut possible.

The diameter of the blade is 8-1/4 inches. This blade has 24 sharp teeth all around its edge, pierce through any wooden piece that comes in its way. With the provided power & torque this blade can make 2-5/8-inch depth of cut and 25-inch rip capacity. It can slice up to 3x sheet goods.

It also has a rack and pinion system. This system allows you to adjust the fence of the table saw smoothly so that you can place the wood piece accurately in front of the blade. Thus, you can have your precise & clean cut with anticipated results.

People often ask – are batteries required to run this machine?

The answer is no. You don’t need batteries to run this table saw. It’s run by corded power source. This means that you have to plug in the wire attached to it with the main electric supply. After you’re finished with your job, just turn of the switch & unplug the power cable.

Like I said, it surely is a worthy one to be among the other four best starter table saws. Seems like the best deal at this price for the things they are providing.

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3. WORX WX572L BladeRunner x2 – Best Entry Level Table Saw

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Worx’s BladeRunner x2 here is what you might want to call an underdog. I know how addressing a table saw as an ‘underdog’ sounds weird. But to be honest, I can think of no other word to describe it in a better way. You’ll know soon what I’m talking about.

The BladeRunner mightn’t seem like a worthy one to stand in the same line as others but I’d suggest you think with a different perspective. This table indeed saw is not like others. Still, it can do perfectly what it’s designed to do and sometimes even better.

This tabletop table saw was made especially for the DIY & home improvement projects. It has 15.71 x 16.89 x 7.13 (L x W x H) inches dimensions. Because of this really compact size, you can put it on a table, bench, or any other place with a flat surface. It’ll only occupy very little space.

When you think of a portable table saw, this is the one that comes to mind first of all. This machine here surprisingly weighs only 14.7 pounds. This definitely is the most lightweight table saw on this list. You can easily carry it wherever & whenever you want.

The BladeRunner x2 table saw has a motor that’s able to generate 5.5 Amps power providing 3000 RPM (Rotations per minute). This motor is considerably weaker than the others but it can totally accomplish medium to heavy wood cutting jobs. That could take few more seconds than the other ones though.

The blade of the WORX WX572L BladeRunner x2 is definitely different than the other four. While all the other table saws in the list have circular blades, this one here uses T-shank blades. I believe this is the track that brought the BladeRunner x2 back in the marathon.

Why do I say so? Let’s find out.

From what I see, the people at Worx have smartly handled the balance of lightweight & efficient cutting by the use of this T-shank blade. If you think of a circular blade & at-shank blade together’ you’ll be able to catch my drift more or less.

You see, an at-shank blade is much lighter than a circular blade which is usually made of heavy metals mostly. So, spinning a circular blade needs a more powerful motor & the more powerful the motor, the heavier it gets. On the other hand, the t-shank blade can run fast & smooth with less power.

The t-shank blade of this table saw is roughly 4 inches long. Despite the Amps of the motor being almost 1/3rd of the others, it’s more than enough for making clean cuts up to a decent rip length. Indeed, the rip cut won’t be good as others. Still, it’s enough to do its job while competing with the best ones.

Not only that, there are 5 types of blades. Each of the blades is especially for cutting woods, aluminum, scrolling, ceramic tile & steel. This table saw also has a miter gauge, dust extraction port, blade grip, and a rip fence. This rip fence will be adjustable with a rack and pinion system for better accuracy.

Have I mentioned its safety switch yet? Well, the safety switch in this table saw can prove itself to be a lifesaver sometimes. This switch prevents any unwanted accidents occurring from a sudden start. These t-shank blades move so fast that you mightn’t even get a split second to save your finger.

I guess you’ve understood by this point why I chose to count it as one of the five best table saws. If you’re looking for a table saw that does mid-range tasks with subtle results, this could be the best deal for you.

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What we have here is yet another Dewalt product. This time it’s the DEWALT FLEXVOLT (DCS7485T1) table saw. This might seem quite similar to the DEWALT Table Saw (DWE7485) but it’s not. It has brought out a new edge for table saws with its very own special feature. Let’s find out why!

A Jobsite table saw like this needs a durable build to cope up with a workstation. The people at Dewalt have looked into that matter & ensured a strong build for withstanding unexpected harm to the machine. To double proof protection, they even attached a metal roll cage base.

This machine’s length x width x height is 12.9 x 23.8 x 23.8 inches. Comparatively, it’s a compact table saw. Weighing only 48 pounds, it’s as easily portable as the other ones. You can seamlessly move it from one place to another on your work site. You can even take it back to your home after work every day.

A table saw without the rack and pinion telescoping rails will be a minus point definitely. The hassle of adjusting the fence makes you irritated & even then you won’t be able to ensure a smooth cut with it. No doubt that this table saw has that system to make the fence adjustments smooth and accurate.

The motor’s speed is 5800 RPM (Revolution per minute) that runs a blade with 8-1/4 inch diameter. This blade can cut through any wooden piece with the power provided to it. Considering the motor size & weight of the product, the cut result is very efficient.

Speaking of which, it has the rip capacity of 24″ of for ripping 4×8 plywood or OSB sheets. It can also deliver 2-1/2″ depth of cut at 90 degrees & 1-3/4″ depth of cut at 45 degrees. The 5/8” arbor size is another reason for this efficient performance.

The one thing that stands out among all other features is its battery power source. It has introduced a new dimension for table saws like this. This feature was specially added to eliminate the trouble of cords all over the workplace. A cordless table saw also means less chance of electric accidents.

The battery of this table saw isn’t just another ordinary piece. It has the 15 cell Flexvolt 60 V max (60V/20V) battery with its exceptional voltage changing feature. You can use this battery to run almost all the Dewalt tools at ease. Let me tell you how.

The battery of this table saw is backward compatible with Dewalt’s 20 V tools. Because of the dual voltage feature, you’ll get up to 4x runtime in this case. Then again it’ll automatically change its whole lineup for 60V MAX* and 120V MAX* tools. Very impressive, isn’t it?

You might be thinking about the power & efficiency of the battery. According to Dewalt, 302 lineal feet of OSB plywood can be ripped with one charge. This battery life should serve the whole day if it’s not used continuously. An extra battery would be a great help for continuous heavy work.

Along with the table saw & one 60V max* Lithium battery, the Kit includes – (1) carbide blade, (1) push stick, (1) blade guard, (1) rip fence, (1) non-thru cut riving knife, (1), (1) fast charger, (2) blade wrenches, (1) miter gauge, and a user guide.

If you ask me, it’d be a great purchase if you’re willing to go for a cordless table saw with great efficiency & power.

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5. Bosch Power Tools 4100-10 Table saw

No products found.

Last, of all, we have the Bosch Power Tools 4100-10 Tablesaw in the list of the best table saw for beginners. Bosch has been making people’s life easier & enjoyable with their service for more than a century now! That’s right, we’re talking about a brand that has earned its reputation over the ages & maintained it.

This table saw comes with a durable build for withstanding any uncalled damages to the core of the machine. There’s no way that the people at Bosch are going to compromise with the build. So, it’s definitely a suitable choice for a job site.

The dimensions of this machine are 29 x 32 x 13.25 inches. It weighs almost 60 pounds which is definitely heavier than the other table saws in this list. It is a considerable weight when it comes to portability but you don’t have to worry about that.

Bosch has the weight issue covered with the light GTA47W Gravity-Rise Wheeled Stand. You can place your table saw on top of this stand & move around the Jobsite at ease. Might sound weird but because of this wheeled stand, this machine will feel much lighter than the other ones!

It has a 15 Amps motor that generates 4.0 max horsepower. The speed of the motor is 3650 revolutions per minute. This speed is considerably lower than the other four but that’s not going to be an issue. The extra horsepower of the motor will keep it balanced covering for the rpm.

This table saw has a large 10 inch 40 tooth carbide-tipped saw blade. This blade has the strength & sharpness to cut through the wooden pieces relentlessly up to 25-inch rip cut capacity. Then again there’s this rack and pinion fence adjustment system that makes sure the cut is accurate & angle.

This machine has a soft-start circuitry to manage the intensity of motor start-up. This feature minimizes the apparent possibility of tripping a circuit breaker. This small feature can save a lot of your money. A powerful start gives the circuit great pressure out of nowhere. Sometimes it’s hard to cope with it.

Besides the soft-start circuitry, it also has constant response circuitry. This feature helps to maintain the speed of the motor under load. It’s often seen that many of the motors can’t show constant performance. The constant-response circuit enhances the non-stop performance of the table saw.

The whole package also has (1) Smart Guard System – Barrier-Guard Device and Anti-Kickback Pawls (1) 10 In. Carbide-Tipped Blade (1) SquareLock Rip Fence (1) Miter Gauge (1) Smart Guard System (1) Push Stick (1) Throat Plate Insert (1) Multi-Function Blade Wrench (1) Adjustment Wrench.

The price range of this table saw is higher than the others but I’d say that each penny would be worth it. It’s a reliable build with long-lasting features. So, a one-time investment wouldn’t hurt much if it can serve for a long time.

So, here’s all the information I could gather by doing thorough research & well-thought out comparison.

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How to Choose the Best Beginners Table Saw 

I’ve pretty much laid all the detailed information in front of you. Now all you need to do is choose what’s best for you. It’s possible that you might be feeling overwhelmed with all the features, advantages & disadvantages. But don’t worry about that too much. I’m here to guide you through this process.

There is basic yet most important advice I give to everyone for buying the best product. It is ‘always choose the product that matches your best interest’. Simply put, you’re the one who should set your priorities first. What benefits you most is the best one for you.

Here are some tips & tricks for buying a good beginner table saw.

Choose the Type for Starters

The best way to narrow down the choosing process is by choosing the type you want. The fact is woodworking isn’t confined to one or two sectors. There are a lot of things you can do with wood and in each & every case you would need different tools.

My point is that there are lots of variations of table saw types. Each type serves a specific sector a little more than the other. For example, there are some compact-sized table saws & larger table saws at the same time. If your work can be done with a normal one, thinking about other ones is unnecessary.

If you want a table saw for DIY jobs & small tasks at home, a WORX WX572L BladeRunner x2 can be your best shot for starters. Then again, I would be wrong to say that you can’t accomplish your job with the other ones. The possibility is you can make small tasks with better results with other larger table saws.

Like I said, in the end, your priorities should make the final call.

Can’t Compromise with Durability

In my opinion, durability is a must when you’re talking about a machine like this. The wooden pieces you’re going to work on aren’t made of fur balls. So, it’s kind of basic that you need stable tools to work on a sturdy thing. Compromising it would be mere foolishness.

Always check if your table saw material is strong enough to bear some accidental collision by the thing you’re working on. Not just that, it should be able to withstand any minor falls also. In this case, being compact really helps as well as the material.

Power is Important

The whole point of using a table saw rather than manual tools for cutting wood is that you will get better results with that. I’m afraid that won’t be possible if the table saw you’re going for isn’t powerful enough to do the job.

Remember that the power of a table saw isn’t solely dependent on motor power. The motor speed, torque, arbor, and the blade – all together determines which one is powerful & which one isn’t. So, always look into these matters individually.

Portability Helps a Lot

If I ask you which one is better, a wired telephone or a wireless mobile phone’ your answer will be ‘a mobile phone’ obviously. We both know why anyone would choose that option. That’s simply because one of them is portable & the other one isn’t.

There isn’t much difference when you’re thinking of a table saw. Whether it’s by being lightweight or by having a wheeled stand, portability will always come in handy. You won’t bring the project to your machine all the time. Sometimes the machine will be carried to your project.

Spending for Extra Safety is Worth It

If some extra bucks can ensure extra safety then don’t think that the extra money is going to waste. When you’re working with a heavy machine like this safety issues mustn’t be ignored. If it can cut through a wooden piece, it can definitely cut through your flesh.

It’s not like accidents happen at our own will. Sometimes we swirl in different thoughts & throw ourselves in danger. SawStop safety technology, blade guard, riving knives, and the restart feature (when the power goes out) can eliminate the chances of accidents to a great extent.

Spare Tools Mean Longtime Service

Make sure that there are spare parts available for the blades, fences, and other pieces of equipment. You can’t afford to throw away your whole machine just because one small part is no longer working. If you have the opportunity to change parts, you can use your machine for a long time.

The blades in a table saw grow feeble most of the time. So, always make sure that the blade size & type is available at your near hardware stores. Also, make sure that the arbor hole of the blade matches the one in the stores.

Power Compatibility is a Key

Compatibility is one of the basic things to consider while buying an electric-powered machine. If your electric circuit doesn’t have the potential to run the machine, the point of buying it would be worthless. So, choose a machine that is compatible with your circuits.

It’s not like you can’t arrange for a different circuit to run your machine. But that would cost you some extra bucks in the end. In this case, use the extra money with your total to buy a machine that has the built-in feature to match with your local electric circuit system.

These are almost all the basic things to think about before the purchase. A well thought purchase can give you your most anticipated results. Don’t rush for the decision all of a sudden. Think wisely & choose a good table saw for a newbie woodworker.

Few Words before Putting the Full Stop

There isn’t much left to say anymore. In this whole article, we’ve gone through the mechanism, types, specialty, advantages, and disadvantages. I’ve also told you about some tips & tricks that I had up my sleeves. Now it’s time for your call.

I would like to remind you of some of the things again. Always set your priorities first. Once you’re done doing that you’ll be able to find out which table saw serves most to that priority. This way, you’ll be able, to sum up the rest.

I know that it’s not easy to choose the best table saw for beginners when each of them is as good as the others. Then again, no one said it would be as easy as drinking a glass of water! I want to call it a day with a simple advice – ‘Cross the t’s, dot the i’s. In the end, go for whatever feels right.

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