How to Cut Tree Limbs with Pole Saw: Everything you need to know about cutting tree limbs

Trees are essential for the environment, and if you are farmer by passion or as a professional, you need to cut the tree limbs to ensure proper and healthy growth. Cutting of tree limbs prevents the tree from falling down during unexpected storms, hurricanes. When you are searching for the perfect time to cut tree limbs, the best time is between late winter and early spring. During this season, trees are without leaves, and branches are young; hence it is much easier to cut all the branches at this time.

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The best and the most efficient way to cut tree limbs is by using a pole saw. But, if you have recently got yourself a pole saw, you might be confused about how to use the pole saw to cut tree limbs, and if you don’t know the correct way to do it, there are always chances to suffer from accidents. So down below, I will write in detail how to cut trim limbs with a pole saw.

How to Cut Tree Limbs with Pole Saw – Detailed Guideline

Choosing the correct tool

Before we start to get to the actual cutting process of tree limbs, we need to find the perfect pole saw first. To choose the suitable pole saw, think about the size, tallness of the tree, and cost of the saw.

Likewise, measure the branches of the trees you need to cut and, according to that, choose the correct length and size of the pole saw. It is always preferable to use the best electric pole saw or cordless pole saws since these are great to swing around and cut the branches.

Cutting of the Tree limb

The whole cutting process of the tree limb can be summarized into six simple steps.

The steps are as follows.

Step 1: Cleaning of the working area

Before you start with the actual working, you must clean the whole area, including the area below the branch that will be needed for your work.

You have to try to clean the region from trip risks like dead and fallen branches and appendages. There is an essential purpose for doing it because you need enough area to move away quickly if and an accident happens.

Step 2: Planning the cut

After cleaning the area, it is necessary that you fixed where you want to precisely cut the tree limbs, and you need a few basic introductory cuts as well as a jump cut. There is a quick tip for you to follow, which will help you achieve the best cut in the most natural way that is you should cut at the horizontal surface.

Step 3: The first cut

It is always said that while cutting tree limbs, you should always cut the bottom first. The blade of the pole saw begins with a cut from the base of the branch’s highest point.

Be that as it may, go after “V” cut. For that, you need to start underneath from one point. And afterward, reconsider the heading to get a “V” cut. To make this cutting less stressful, you should always start from the bark layer and slowly reach into the woods.

Step 4: Positioning the pole saw

Positioning the pole saw is very important; you need to take control of the weight of the pole saw. You will place the blade in a horizontal position with both of your hands and pause to take full control.

After you are in control, you will shift the blade to the cutting position, and now you can be assured that the full weight will remain of the tree branch.

Step 5: Placing yourself in the correct position

With pole saw, positioning yourself is very important to get the required cuts. Furthermore, holding the saw, move to an appropriate spot to hold your end.

Attempt to be in the chest level to stand well of, never beneath it. Something else, your saw won’t legitimately here and there.

Step 6: Start and finishing of your cut

While starting to cut, start with slow cuts at first and then do a straight cut, which will be perpendicular to your first cut, but makes sure that this cut is intense. This deep cut in the tree limb will make sure that you will have a tine groove, which will be later used as a guideline.

Pole saw uses the help of gravity, so the branches you had cut will fall down on the ground. Make sure to move away quickly when branches fall to stay out of trouble.

Some Safety Precaution

Before you follow all the steps on how to cut tree limbs with a pole saw, there are many safety measures that you need to follow to avoid any sort of unwanted accidents.

  • Do not work with the pole after the consumption of alcohol.
  • During dry weather, it is important to have a fire extinguisher with you.
  • Trimming too much can be harmful to the tree. So, to avoid complications with the tree’s growth cut only as much as required.
  • While working, make sure you have an ample amount of space to move away while there is a falling branch.
  • Try to keep everyone, especially children, out of your working zone.


This guide was written to provide all the beginners with a complete idea of how to cut tree limbs with a pole saw. If you are a beginner, then this guide will help you to understand everything that you need to know while working with the pole saw. Just make sure to follow the steps correctly, and you will be good to go with your cutting of tree limbs.


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