5 Best Circular Saw Blade For Cutting Doors in (September) 2023

circular saw blade Have you ever noticed your door?

I bet you don’t.

But when it blends with the wall, that simple piece of wood and hinges can make a big difference.

And that’s the magic of the circular saw blade!

The blend will become more natural, and the door will look more noticeable if you can cut it with the best circular saw blade for cutting doors.

Wondering why a circular saw rather than a straight one?

Well, well, well…….

Just like a smooth circle, the circular saw can reach the toughest corners and can make the smoothest cuts. Besides, those round saws are famous for retaining blade edges for a long.

Make sense?

It won’t be a good idea to do some DIY with other blades when you are dealing with doors.

sound’s interesting?

Then let’s live in a world of circular saw blade teeth guide. Who knows, by the end of the time, you may find your dream saw blade (Maybe).

What saw blade to cut doors?

  1. Best circular saw blade for plywood doors: Freud Ultimate Plywood
  2. Best circular saw blade for framing: DeWalt Circular Saw Blade
  3. Best circular saw blades for wood cutting: Irwin 11820ZR 6-1/2-Inch 140 Tooth circular saw blade
  4. Best 7 1/4 circular saw blade for wood: The Mibro Stacking Blade Set
  5. Best fine-tooth circular saw blade: Diablo Circular Saw Blade

Circular Saw Blade for Cutting Doors Comparison Table

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Choose The Best Circular Saw Blade For Cutting Doors At Ease

Circular saw blade sizes-Ah, it looks like a puzzle to a new one.

Can’t blame you.

Not only size, but there are also tons of factors while choosing a saw blade, especially the circular one.

So, what saw blade makes the smoothest cut?

However, if dealing with the numerous brands of circular saw seems daunting, go over the following reviews to select the best round saw blade for cutting doors.

1. Freud D12100X Circular Saw Blade for Cutting doors

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Finding a saw blade with outstanding performance with the most extended durability is just impossible!

You know what I mean, right?

But the good news is Diable makes the dream comes true.


If your door is wooden, then this is the best blade for you. Diablo provides this ultra-fine circular saw blade with a maximum of 100 teeth. The super-thin feature of this circular saw blade makes it exceptional from another circular saw blade.

And the best part?

With 2.54 pounds weight, the saw will last for a long time. The Diablo circular saw blade is shock resistant and possesses pharma shield nonstick coating.

Diablo circular saw blade cuts the wood clean and polished. The stabilizer vents provide a permanent filler that helps to cut the wood by absorbing noise.

Too good to be true!

Diablo provides circular saw blades of various sizes like 6-1/2″, 7-1/4″, 8-1/4″, and so on. These blades provide smooth cutting that needs less sanding. Diablo’s circular saw blade cuts through material like butter and creates a smooth finish cut.


  • The saw blade is shock resistant.
  • These blades create Less noise.
  • Diablo saw blade provides controlled carbide wear.
  • It Provides laser-cut heat expansion slots.
  • Longer Durability


  • Sometimes saw blade get hot during cutting.

So Why Should You Choose It?

I could rather say………

The finest blades with the high-quality performance you can only get if you choose Diablo’s circular saw blades.

The bottom line?

For general construction applications, roofers, formers, remodelers, Diablo saw blades are excellent. Diablo covenant you to provide the smoothest cut with up to 100 tooth’s blade.

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2. DeWalt Circular Saw Blade

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Imagine how it could be if you find a saw blade that will easily be optimized with a corded and cordless circular saw?

Sounds impossible?

Then try DeWalt Circular Saw Blade and see the magic. Its high-density tungsten carbide material gives toughness cutting. The wear resistance feature makes the circular saw blade more exceptional.

Another mentionable feature is its longevity.

The tough anti-stick coating reduces friction and gumming when cutting. In a DeWalt saw blade, a thin kerf design gives a smooth cut finish.

DeWalt circular saw blades are great for framing and crosscut. This circular saw edge gives exceptional user feelings. The tungsten carbide teeth of the saw blade are severe.

More than what I can ask from a blade under 20 bucks!

DeWalt circular saw blade can make rip cuts, crosscut styles, and many other forms of blemishes. This blade is excellent for professional use as these cuts plywood, hardwood, or other wooden materials very quickly.


  • DeWalt’s blade provides a precise cut.
  • Cuts through any jagged areas, chips, or nipped edges.
  • Less expensive.
  • Fast and effortless cutting.
  • Longest durability.


  • It needs to protect the cutting edge with painter’s tape.

Why Should You Choose It?

Though depth cutting is quite critical when using the DeWalt circular saw blade, the thin material blade provides a professional-looking cut result.

And you know what?

You will get a computer balanced plate added to the saw blade for a more accurate cut. You can cut plywood, hardwood and any other wooden materials by DeWalt circular saw blade.

Another thing to confess……

Though it is not better for part-time work, it is the right choice for professional use. When you consider all these fabulous features, it will not be wrong for you to choose the DeWalt circular saw blade for your other job.

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3. Freud Ultimate Plywood & Melamine Blade

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Freud’s ultimate plywood and melamine blade will be the best if you find such a sword that can cut through hardwoods and plywood.

It’s too cool, man!

With the most extended durability, these plywood and melamine blades have laser-cut stabilizer vents. Stabilizer vents help to control the noise and keeps the machine cool.

So, when you cut any heavy materials, there is no chance of a blade warp. There is a slot for laser cut expansion that helps for further development.

Yeah, maybe Freud’s Ultimate plywood and melamine blade’s price is a little high, you can gain it for its most increased longevity and durability.

The laser-cut stabilizer vents prevent sideways movement during cutting in the cut extending blade life. With a 7-1/4″ blade diameter, this blade has 60 Teeth for a clean cut.

What about sharpness?

Carbide size is essential that edge wear. If the carbide grain is more extensive, then an edge will wear faster. This saw blade has TiCo HI-Density carbide for the highest crosscutting blend. The 2° hook angle goes smoothly against any wooden material.


  • Longest durability.
  • Possess a coat that prevents vibration.
  • Coat reduces warping.
  • Laser-cut stabilizer vents prevent noise from creating.
  • Hook angles perform well against wooden materials.


  • High price.

Why Should You Choose It?

Its incredible cute features of Freud’s ultimate plywood and melamine blade will be the right choice for purchasing.

You will not get such good stabilizer vents that prevent noise. Besides, the hook angles are plentiful in this blade.

Again, price tag is an issue, and if you think about the durability and better performance, this blade is the right choice for purchasing.

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4. The Mibro Stacking Blade Set

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Clean-edged is the main goal, right?

Then consider Mibro Stacking Blade Set, it’s a damn good man!

The Mibro stacking dado blade set is, undoubtedly, one of the most selling saw blades in the market.

And that’s for a good reason.

You can get smooth, clean-edged square shoulders only with a Mibro stacking blade set. With only 0.2 weight and five two-wing chippers, the saw blades can provide you the most delicate cut for flat bottom. Its laser cut and anti-vibration vents give a straight cut.

As cool as it sounds!

The adjustment is easy for this blade as you get all parts of the edge with manual instruction. The saw blade’s durability is much longer.

The internal dividers of the blade’s case secure the edges safely and securely. The 24 tooths of this saw blade makes it unique and faster. Now the upgrade version has seven metal shims that make the adjustments easy.

How do you cut the bottom of a door without splintering?

The Mibro stacking dado blades are 8-inch, which are very well for making deep cuts. These blades will provide you with a clean and precise bottom groove and radial cuts of any wooden materials. These are perfect for the delicate woodworking task.


  • Well packaged.
  • Have anti-kickback tooth.
  • Easy to adjust with the machine.
  • Easy for using.
  • Faster performance.


  • Saw blades provide a rough cut.

Why Should You Choose It?

It’s just too good to be true!

I’m not kidding!

The Milbro stacking dado blades are cutting tools that will be best if you do light woodwork. These work perfectly for various wood materials and cut them well.

If you find blades for fine width adjustment, you must choose the Mibro stacking dado blade set. Even you will get the Milbro stacking dado blade set at an affordable price.

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5. Irwin Cordless Circular Saw Blade

No products found.

Carbide is the primary material of the Irwin cordless circular saw blade.

And that’s the first reason I fall in love with this beast blade!

One thing is for sure…..

If you find an adjustable and smooth-cutting saw blade for your machine, then the Irwin circular saw will be the best choice for you. Irwin Marathon cordless circular saw blade provides a fast and clean cut.

What else?

With 0.25 pounds weight, this saw blade is the lightest one. The 18 teeth make the saw blade super-fast for cutting any metal roofing sheet. It does not damage or burn the material.

How do you cut a door without chipping it?

During cutting, the Irwin saw blade slowly shreds off. The saw blade’s metal creates almost zero heat. Irwin circular saw blade works flawlessly, with no chipping.

You heard that right, no chipping!

Irwin’s cordless saw blade is ultra-thin kerf that provides the finest and cleaner cut. An adequate cutting diameter of the Irwin cordless circular saw blade is 5.5 inches.


  • Do not burn the metal.
  • This blade does not hamper the paint.
  • It creates almost no heat during cutting.
  • They Cut flawlessly.
  • Irwin blades Cut the wooden materials effortlessly.


  • Expensive and short lifetime.

Why Should You Choose It?

Let’s be honest here……

Though it will be a bit expensive, the aggressive hook angles provide a fast cut even then.

And the bonus?

You can also use it to cut thin metal! In summary, I could say, Irwin circular saw blade would be the best one if you want to work with wooden materials. The ultra-thin kerf material of the blade cuts the wood smoothly.

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How Do You Cut A Door with A Circular Saw?

Cutting a door is always an uphill task.

Too true!

But using a circular saw blade, this task of door cutting gets easier than before. You may have many other cutting tools like a table saw for cutting door. A circular saw blade is a great door cutter that cuts the doors very smoothly.

For cutting doors, you must sharpen your circular saw blade. Make sure the circular saw blade has a minimum of 18 teeth at least. Otherwise, the circular saw blade will not work correctly and get warped.

So how to cut down a door width? what’s the process?

First, set the circular saw blade in the cutting machine and be clear there is no problem with the connection. After that, hold the blade against the door edge. Make sure you mark the waste line before where the circular saw blade would go.

You held to the waste side of the marking line with the circular saw blade. The base plate’s edge needs masking tape for safety. Then run the circular saw blade machine against the marking line and get your door as your preferred shape.

It will be better to read the user manual that provides the manufacturing company as instruction. With a circular saw blade, trimming and cutting doors is very easy nowadays.

To make the task professional, make sure you follow the user instructions always.

Are More Teeth on A Circular Saw Blade Better?

The circular saw blade cuts the wooden materials better than any other metal. For getting a clear, smooth, and most refined finish, the teeth number is significant.

In the circular saw blade, the number is a determiner for the speed, type, and finish cut. When you think about the fastest cutting by a circular saw blade, then the saw blade with minimum teeth is excellent. But when you want to cut the edge cleaner, then the saw blade with top teeth is better. More teeth give a better finish than fewer teeth.

At least 24 teeth in a circular saw blade are enough to get a faster cut.

But it does not provide as delicate as a circular saw blade that has 60 teeth. In the market, you can get a circular saw blade with up to 100 teeth. The different manufacturing companies produce separate circular saw blade with a various number of teeth.

So, it depends on you how many teeth you want to have on your circular saw blade. If you wish to cut faster, you can choose a saw blade with fewer teeth. But if you’re going to a more delicate cut, select the saw blade with more teeth—the more the teeth, the finest the amount.

How Much Can You Cut Off A Hollow-Core Door? And How Much Can You Cut Off A Solid Core Door?

To set a door, cutting it in the right measurement is essential.

Without trimming the door, you cannot think it to be fit in any place. The hollow core interior door is always swelling inside. That’s why this type of door is cheap in the market than others.

You will get about one and a half-inch inside to cut in a hollow-core door, though there is an argument. Many people suggest that cutting 1/2″ inch is enough for cutting a hollow-core door from top to bottom. But cutting more can hamper your door. The door can fall apart if you cut off more than the requirement.

You will find a tall solid door in the market which needs to cut off for correct fitting. The specs on a 6-panel solid door will range, which will cut away a bit amount. Cutting 1.25″ is enough for a solid core door. But you must have to attach a plain rail plate by glue to the cut edge.

It is better to cut only 5mm from each side of a solid core door. But make sure you trim more than 3mm per side to get a perfect balance on each side.

Who Makes the Best Circular Saw Blades?

As there are so many circular saw blade manufacturing companies in the market, it is quite tough to find the best manufacturer.

Even then, people like mostly the DeWalt manufacturer for the circular saw blade.

Why is this so?

Because DeWalt produces the saw blades with the most extended durability and high-quality. DeWalt’s circular saw blades lose sharpness hardly.

Our circular saw blades interchangeable between brands?

DeWalt produces a variety of circular saw blades. If you use the circular saw blades of DeWalt for cutting hardwoods or strong materials, they will not deform sharpness.

That’s why the DeWalt manufacturer has the best position in the market so far, surpassing all other companies.

Here is some honorable mention…….

Mibro and Diablo circular saw blade manufacturers come right after DeWalt.


When you choose the perfect saw blade for your job, choosing among the best circular saw blade for cutting doors is quite challenging.

If you have no experience buying a circular saw blade, this buying guide is only for you.

The core features are significant to consider while buying a circular saw blade. You need to have the knowledge and proper guidance for choosing and purchasing a circular saw blade.

Blade’s Size

The circular saw blade’s size depends on you for which work you want to buy the saw blade. So many sizes are available in the market for choosing. Again, the saw machine size is a big issue here.

What is the most popular circular saw blade size?

If your blade size does not match the saw machine, your effort to buy a blade will be vain. That’s why make sure which blade size fits your device, then order for the saw blade.

Number of Teeth

How many teeth do I need on a circular saw blade?

Number of teeth matters when the discussion comes to a saw blade. The fastest and more delicate cut depends on the number of teeth of a circular saw blade. Your cutting materials will determine the number of teeth of your saw blade.

If you use a saw blade to cut more rigid material, it must need a saw blade with many teeth. But if you cut softer materials like wood, you can use a saw blade with a smaller number of teeth.

Types of Work That the Blade Will Perform

Work type is essential for choosing a circular saw blade depending on the work, and you have to select the blade’s brand, quality, and durability.


You will find so many saw blades with various materials. Saw blade made of carbide is very popular and durable nowadays. Make sure you purchase the saw blade that will sharpen even after so many cuts and not be warped.

Sharpening Frequency

Is it worth sharpening circular saw blades?

Well, there are so many circular saw blades those need to sharpen after every cut. They are not good at all. For this reason, choose those saw blades that have a less sharpening frequency.

Other Features

Other features include durability, design, coating, color, and others in a circular saw blade. When you decide to buy any circular saw blade, you must keep these features.

Final Verdict

In trimming and cutting door, circular saw blade plays a vital role. How efficiently you will do the work depends a lot on the saw blade you use. Whatever you use a circular saw blade for personal or professional use, the sword must be quality full. Perhaps this article answered all about circular saw blade that you need to know.

Though choosing the best circular saw blade for cutting doors needs more to consider, if you keep the all considering issue in your mind, deciding to buy a saw blade will be easy. 

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