Welcome to iwoodcutters!

The idea of craftsmanship through woodwork has always attracted me. Because of my thirst for knowing about these things, I have always found myself reading about this amazing ‘art’. Yes, you have read it right. I am calling it an art as to me, it is an art. It is the most near a person can get to both art and profession. How many other professions would let you do the same?

To write about what I have learnt and to cater to the needs of people who want to learn more and more about carpentry, I have decided to start this website. In this website, you will find everything about wood and things related to it. You will get to know about types of wood. You will know about different types of saws if you go through the articles we have published. We would also review and recommend about different materials related to this profession.

Here, we will not use technical jargons that makes it hard for you to know about anything. We will try to write in the simplest yet effective way so that your passion for this thing only grows and doesn’t lessen even by a little. By going through the website, you will get to know more and more about different materials, different techniques and a lot of things you should know if you have passion for working with wood. We hope that you have a great journey in this field.