Table Saw Safety Tips – Woodworking Tips for 2023

The table saw can be considered as one of the key elements of any workshop. You will be using this most out of any tool you have. There are many things to know about how to use it properly and many things to forget over time. Accidents may cause if your idea of using a table saw is not build solidly. It can cause you severe damage if you do not follow the table saw safety tips.

Throughout this article, you will get to know some of the critical tips that one needs to follow while using a table saw to avoid unwanted accidents. It is worth taking the time to be aware of how you can protect yourself when you are using the table saw.

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10 Useful Table saw safety tips to avoid accidents in your workshop.

  1. Having the outfeed table

It is essential to have an outfeed table behind the saw. After feeding your material through the table saw it would land on the outfeed table. So you would not have to grab the object that you are working with to make it stop falling to the floor. It will prevent the contact between you and the blade of the saw and will defend you from causing any accidents while reaching over for the material.

  1. Look at your position

Look where you are standing behind the saw. It is one of the key features to notice while working with a table saw. There is a chance that the blade of the saw can push the material back. Do not stand exactly behind the blade or in the same line with the blade. Push yourself a little bit to the right or to the left, which will keep you out of the line of fire of the table saw’s blade.

  1. Use a push stick

When you are using a table saw, it is good to use a push stick to propel the material through the saw, especially when you are making a through cut of three inches or less wide. It will also increase the height of your arm. So it is easier to get your material on the outfeed table when you have the push stick in your hand.

  1. Use a riving knife

If you are aiming to make a kerf in your piece, it is suggested to use a riving knife. With the riving knife, you can make your cut safely. While placing the riving knife, make sure to unplug the primary connection. After adjusting this tool accurately, you can turn on the primary power connection again.

  1. Use a push pad

While making a kerfing cut, you can use a push pad. To get a good grip on the board, use a push pad because it has got a sticky surface on the bottom of it. Your hand could be next in the line after the object if you are not using one while making these types of cuts.

  1. Adjust the height of the blade

Before starting to work, you should adjust the height of the blade. It should be slightly higher than the stock. Compared to the height of the stock, it should not be more than 6 mm. In this case, if your hand slips, you will get a slight cut. Else it might cause you a severe injury.

  1. Follow the dress code

One should not wear any loose-fitting cloth while working with a table saw else it could get caught in the blade. Do not wear any jewelry, tie, gloves, or watch. Wear short sleeves. If you are wearing long sleeves, roll them up above your elbow. You must wear safety goggles, face shield while working. If the job is dusty, wear a dust mask. Protect your ears form the sound. Be extra careful about your pair of shoes. Avoid the slippery ones to avoid falling into the blade or losing your balance.

  1. Choose the perfect table saw according to your skill and budget

There are various table saws available with different working procedures. Such as job site table saws, benchtop table saws, hybrid table saws, contractor table saws, cabinet table saws, and many more. The market is loaded with tons of models of these. You have to choose one according to your preference and skill level.

Some table saws have blades that can sense human interaction and has the ability to turn it off automatically. Look for different table saw safety features before buying one for yourself. The price can be extremely high at times, but you will always find products that create a bridge between your budget and quality. Do your research to find your perfect budget table saw. Please do not compromise with quality. Else it can be life-threatening.

  1. Focus on your job

When you are working in your workshop with a table saw, you should give your full attention. Be careful enough. One simple mistake can cause a severe mishap. Most of the time, we keep talking while doing anything. Do not do that while using a table saw. Else it will divide your attention. Do not listen to music in the workshop. Focus on your work, and do not look around.

  1. Maintenance and location

Table saw requires proper maintenance. Please keep it clean and keep it at a safe place. Double-check the working site and the connections before starting to work with one. Keep your working area neat and clean. Do check the condition of the switch.

Final thoughts

Table saw is the most powerful tool that one can have in his workshop. You can use a table saw for operating multiple operations. It is beneficial if you maintain the table saw safety rules accurately. Know that the blade of the table saw is always spinning towards you, and it is spinning fast. Being silly and careless with a table saw is unacceptable. But one can easily avoid the accident just by following the rules and regulations properly. Be careful, be smart, and do not play with your life.

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