DEWALT DW745 Review for 2023- Is It Worth to Buy?

Tools are the things that can make your job easier and give the perfect finish. No matter how skilled a person is when he is using the wrong tools. In the tool industry, DEWALT is a renowned name for its top quality product. Today we posting DEWALT DW745 review because it is one of their compact tables saw to work in on-site.

dewalt dw745 table saw

You may have tons of questions about the product as it comes in a compact size. Well, this review will let you know if it is worth to buy the table saw for regular usages. Also, you will get to know what you can do with this unit and what you can’t.

Who Can Use This Item?

First of all, this item is so much compact that you can carry for jobsite to jobsite. If most of your projects are required to work on-site, this item is for you.

It is a professional grade table saw that allows to complete a wider range of cutting works. Whether you are an entry-level woodworker or a pro, you will find the DEWALT DW745 table saw helpful.

Key Features of DEWALT DW745

dewalt dw745 table saw

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Portable Design:

Let’s imagine you are a super professional who has to do lots of works. Now, what about if all of your projects are needed to be done on-site? You need to carry your tools, right? This won’t be possible when you are using something heavy. Portability and compact design are mandatory for you. the good news is; you will have super portability in this DEWALT table saw.

The overall weight of the table saw is only 45 (approximately 22 kilograms) pounds. That allows you to carry it anywhere with less hassle. Moreover, it is compact enough that requires less area for installation. To save some additional space, this item features on-board storage. You can store the essential attachment of the saw in it.


For professional workers, it is mandatory to have something powerful. You can’t rely on a product that doesn’t have the power to apply to all kinds of woods. Sometimes you will find products that are labeled for heavy duties and its reality, that is unable to keep the promise.

That could make your works hard and you will lose your reputation. But with the DW745 model of DEWALT has ample power to complete all your tasks with less effort.This item features a 15-amp motor. This motor has 1850 watt of power for high performance in all applications.

It does have 24 tooth series 30 saw blade for a wide range of applications. When you own this item, you won’t fail in your projects just because the wood is hard. The thing you will like most is its consistency. It performs the best constantly at any point of work. The no-load speed of this table saw is 3850 rpm.

Cutting Capacity:

Why do you use a table saw? To cut wood in different shapes and sizes, right? This requires a good cutting capacity. You can’t expect this kind of performance from an ordinary table saw.

But the DEWALT DW745 table saw will perform beyond your expectations.The maximum depth you can reach with this item is 3-1/8″. However, if you are using the 45-degree angle, the maximum cutting depth will be 2-1/4 inch.

It features 20 inches of rip that can cut a variety of larger shelving and trim wood materials. Compared to the plastic base, its metal roll cage base offers more durability.

Easy Guarding System:

If you ask for expert suggestions to buy the best table saw, you will find one thing common which is the safety feature. You will have to deal with some sharp blades which can cause serious incidents at any time.

That is why the table saw requires some essential safety features to protect yourself during the project.You will like this item from DEWALT because of its amazing features.

The first thing is the convenient guarding system. Moreover, it features a blade guard and a push-stick. No matter if you’re consistently working the saw. It will keep you protected.

Mess-Free Environment:

No matter what kind of project is it when you are dealing with wood, there will be dust. When continuously working in a project, it is mandatory to keep the place mess-free. For this, the selected table saw should have a dust collection system. Otherwise, you will have several respiratory problems.

The good thing is, DEWALT has introduced the superior dust collection system in this unit. The table saw features a handy 2-1/2-inch dust collection port. You can directly connect the dust collecting tool to have a mess-free working area. The dust collection system ensures efficient dust extraction.


If you compare a professional grade table saw with any ordinary wood tool, you will find it is expensive. So, the thing you can do is, buy a good one so that you get the best performance for a long time. This is essential to save your money.

DEWALT DW745 table saw is extremely durable with top-grade materials. instead of some plastic materials, this one is constructed with metal in most of the cases. It features a roll cage base. Moreover, the blades are heavily durable to avoid breaking. If you take the proper care, it will perform like a new one for years.

Easy to Use:

Using a table saw is not easy if the features are not user-friendly. For example, measuring the wood in the right manner with meter gauge, setting the fence in the right position, and more.

These things are relatively easy in this item. It features 2 blade spanners, a parallel fence, and a push stick. Its fence system offers 610 millimeters of rip capacity for cutting large sheet materials in the right size. Besides, you can set the bevels 0 to 45 degrees for beveled cuts.


  • It is lightweight and compact for convenience
  • Adjustable rip fence to get accuracy
  • Powerful motor to apply in a different type of woods
  • Better cutting capacity to perform a variety of tasks
  • The table is coated for smooth finishing
  • Onboard storage to keep things organized
  • Blade guard for the safety and protection


  • Stability could be an issue when working at the maximum speed
  • It is not the quietest table saw in the market
  • You won’t get the table stand with the product

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. This DEWALT dw745 review didn’t mention about Dado blade in it. Can I use this thing additionally with this item?

Ans: This is a drawback of this table saw that it doesn’t come with a Dado blade. You can’t use a Dado blade with DEWALT DW 745 because of its short arbor which cannot accommodate the width of a Dado blade.

2. What about the safety of users’ hands and fingers as it is dangerous to deal with a table saw?

Ans: This DEWALT DW745 Table Saw features different safety features for users. The very first thing is its blade guards. Its pro-modular guarding system allows for tool-free adjustment. It also protects the hands and fingers of the users.

3. I need to do some projects where the accuracy needs to be at the top. Is it possible to get that kind of performance?

Ans: This item comes with a cast tabletop which is smooth for perfect finishing. At the same time, you will have accuracy and precision in it. Easily set the bevel lock for accurate adjustments. As you may have to work with some wet or frozen woods, this one ensures overload protection to deal with that.

4. How can I attach a stand with this table saw?

Ans: First of all, if you are working with reasonable sized light sheeting, a stand is not essential. The rubberized feet will keep the table saw stable during works. The only issue can happen is when you need to work with full sheets of plywood. Instead of attaching a stand, this one performs better if it is installed on a table.

5: Can I use different types of blades in this table saw?

Ans: Why not! You can attach a wide range of blades with this unit. For instance, people are using blades like a forest with the table saw without any issues. If you are looking for inexpensive options, you may try the Diablo blades on the saw.

6: Maintenance Tips for the Table Saw

Ans: If you have experience in the field of woodworking, you know better how you can ruin a new item because of a lack of care. Luckily, this unit from DEWALT doesn’t require much maintenance. Just make sure you are keeping the table saw clean of dust. The right air compressor is enough for this. For the other parts, just follow the way as it is instructed to do. If you have some issues, only consult with certified experts to get better suggestions.

Final Verdict

If you want something portable and inexpensive and have the plan to do professional works, this DEWALT DW745 Table Saw is a good option. As you have seen in the DEWALT dw745 review, it features the essential things and advanced things. For regular transport from site to site and get the maximum efficiency, I would highly recommend this table saw.

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