How to clean a pole saw blade ? 6 Useful Steps

You probably already know the usefulness of owning a pole saw if you are a gardener or a farm owner. Life before the pole saw wasn’t that easy; people needed to climb on ladders for pruning branches manually. However, pruning in this way wasn’t as efficient as of using a pole saw.

Manual pruning was sloppy and not up to the mark, left alone the laboring pain staging work you had to go through to your perfect cut. When pole saw came to the market, it took the market with a storm and became an absolute favorite for gardening enthusiasts.

polw saw cleaning

There are enough reasons for this popularity. Pole saws provide the user with a perfectly well-balanced, smooth cut and get your pruning job done quickly.

However, as with any electrical machines, you have to take and maintain it properly. Without proper maintenance, your machine isn’t going to serve you for long. The efficiency of the machine will get distorted over long term use without proper maintenance.

Hence cleaning of pole saw blade is essential, and down below, I will be discussing how to clean a pole saw blade.

We can distribute the cleaning of a pole saw blade in a total of 6 steps:

Step 1: Removing of all contaminations

The first step is to remove and wipe away all dirt, contaminations, and tree debris. To make this task more comfortable, you need a wire brush, and while eliminating the residue of the oil, you will need to brush it with a cloth or toothbrush and degreaser.

Step 2: Removal of dirt from the blade

You have two options when it comes to clean the blade; you can either go for an oil cleaner or citrus cleaner. However, if you ask me, I prefer the citrus cleaner more, and citrus helps to remove all the dirt from your blade, and it is advantageous since it can also be used to clean everything around your house.

Step 3: Use of degreaser

One of the best ways to clean the blade is by using a degreaser. But make sure to mix water with your degreaser in a large container properly. Then place your blade inside that container and wait for a few minutes, after the blade is soaked you have to rub it properly with a hard cloth.

After you are done with the scrubbing, rinse and dry the blade but do make sure that you have correctly wiped the water from the blades,

Step 4: opening the blade

This step is a bit technical since you have to properly unscrew the blades from the pruner, and you need to follow the proper instruction manual. After opening the pruner, you have to place the pole saw blade in a container.

Step 5: Blade Sharpening

Over time the sharpness of the blade gets reduced, and you need to sharpen the blades. You have to place the blades in such a way that the edges are facing up, and to grind the teeth; you have to keep a sharpening rod between two teeth and keep going until you are happy with the sharpness.

Don’t forget to do the same on the backside of the blade also.

Step 6: Finishing it up

Now you are already done with cleaning the blade. To finish it up, you have to do an oil coating in the pole saw blade to make sure that it is protected from rust or corrosion.


If you read these steps correctly, then you already know by now how to clean a pole saw blade, and you should have no problem in achieving a perfect clean pole saw blade.

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