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commercial pole saw reviews You’ve heard the advice a million times- “choose the right saw for your project”.

Ever wonder why this is the golden rule?

Well, that’s because saw designer crafted for a specific purpose. You can’t expect the same source of energy from a commercial one and the unit made for DIY use. For frequent and commercial use, you need something more advanced power sources which can move back and forth fast & effortlessly.

You are also a woodpecker, Am I right?

So you know better what I am talking about. Playing with wooden items or tree trimming or pruning is a creative task, and most people are afraid to deal with the hassle. But that’s not the main problem. The hassle is to figure out “Which is the best commercial pole saw?

Don’t worry. Where there is confusion, THERE is a solution.

And I’m here with the solution. Today I’ll review the 5 best commercial pole saw. I hope the following steps may give you a ray of hope.

What Is The Best Pole Saw For Commercial Use?

  • Best commercial cordless pole saw: Greenworks 8.5′ Cordless Pole Saw
  • Best commercial manual pole saw: Milwaukee M18 Pole Saw
  • Best commercial battery pole saw: CRAFTSMAN (CMCCSP20M1) Pole Saw
  • Best commercial grade pole saw for big projects: MAXTRA 42.7CC 2-Cycle Gas Pole Saw
  • Best professional pole saw: Oregon Cordless PS250 Telescoping Pole Saw

5 Best Commercial Pole Saw Reviews For Professional To Start 2022 Like A Boss

Choosing a commercial saw isn’t like walking in the forest.

When you have enormous options, it is really hassled to find out the quality-based product.

But don’t worry; the following 5 best professional pole saw for commercial use which looks good enough to invest in. So, no more late. Check what the options are…

1. Greenworks 8.5′ Cordless Pole Saw

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  • Voltage: 40 volts
  • Power style: Battery
  • Length: 8 Feet
  • Cut per charge: 65 cuts (2AH)

My Impression

Greenworks cordless saw is an all-rounder one for your farms or workshop.

If you want something that can deliver you the top-notch service, count Greenworks brand.


When it comes to commercial saw, this 40V saw is offering YOU sharp and fresh cutting facilities. This option is cordless and battery-operated, so you don’t need to be worried about the timeframe. Want to use it in your backyard?

Just grab it and shape up your garden, honey.

Moreover, this item is long enough to reach any difficult branch of the trees. Now YOU may ask me what the main reason for choosing it as the best commercial saw is?

The first and foremost necessity of any saw is to cut the branches equally, so the more adjusting the chain will be, the more you will be comfortable.

And according to our in-depth research, I can say that the Greenworks has the most adjustable tensioning with the longest cordless pole saw. The automatic oiling option also lengthens its life span. Besides this, you can efficiently operate it.

And guess what?

Starting from 6 feet, you can use it to cut up to 8 feet high, and the stand is made of an aluminum base that protects any kind of electric short circuits. Apart from this, The Greenworks company is giving you cushion molded materials to endure a good grip.

There is a telescoping bar that can cover up to 6 diameters. And think commercially, when you will start to cut the branches, you can never check the old log every time. So the telescope can ease your hassle.

What we liked

  • Best quality pole saw
  • A long term warranty and battery service
  • Easy to cut difficult parts
  • Easy to handle
  • Comes with a great thickness but easy to assemble.

What we disliked

  • A little bit fragile.

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2. MAXTRA 42.7CC 2-Cycle Commercial Gas Pole Saw

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  • Voltage: 1100 watt
  • Power style: Gas
  • Length: 15-18 feet
  • Cut per charge: 65 cuts (2AH)
  • If you are on this page right now, then it is apparent that you know how a gas pole can be useful for your commercial purpose.

My Impression

Most probably, it will work like magic.

Just click and cut; this is why I have picked in the Best commercial saw list.

And I hope after reading all the details you will also agree with me. So, let’s get Started exploring the MAXTRA Gas pole. Because as a woodpecker, when you will struggle with all new leaves and branches, this MAXTRA Gas Pole Saw will save you.

Trust me, within a few seconds; this saw will make everything clear like a powerful bot.

So, I must say this MAXRTA is not less than you AI robots. This brand aims to give users an effortless trimming. With 1100 watts and 42.7 cc, MAXTRa a powerful engine capacity. But don’t think that this giant will swallow everything within a second. Basically, it works steady but ensures you a smooth finish.

So, if you are confused with a high-end brand, then just go for Personal; I would like to provide the option as, “One ode the money worthy commercial saws. It can cover a long-range like it can reach up to 15-18 feet higher, which is absolutely a plus point when you are looking at something commercially.

Now come about the spare parts.

Don’t worry, they will be with YOUR main package, and you know the interesting fact here that you can also use their real connectors

Here, you will get a 10 inches connection bar with a long stand. Moreover, this gas saw pole is right to save energy and fuel.

What we liked

  • Easy to use, lightweight, and easy to carry
  • Safe to use it for high trees
  • Perfect for yard trimming and pruning
  • 2 cycle length offer high speed

What we didn’t like

  • Takes time to cut.

Check Price On Amazon

3. Oregon Cordless PS250 8-Inch Telescoping Pole Saw

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  • Voltage: 40v
  • Power style: Battery life
  • Length: 7-10 feet
  • Cut per charge: 65 cuts (2AH)

My Impression

Yes, you are right; it is again a cordless Saw.

I hope you can now understand which is the best commercial saw. Hey, don’t you have any questions?

Maybe I can feel your dilemma because THIS one is the 2nd product of cordless saw.

And to be very honest, I was unable to find any other option at a glance. You have already known that cordless saws are effortless. So, I thought, why not to introduce you to one more quality product.

Though the Oregon brand produces a massive number of cordless saws, tell me that THIS telescopic pole will change your idea about cutting down trees. Believe me; you will enjoy every cut. There is a mounting motor in it. And with the spinning technology, it can reach there and cut all the stubborn overgrown parts and give a clean look. Ro me, this is an expert option for pruning and trimming.

What about design?

This saw is specially designed for precision cutting, and accordingly its looks like the machine isn’t so heavyweight. Furthermore, it offers a balanced weight, and you can carry it with the extra strip. Basically, they focus on customer satisfaction.

Our professional personnel a few times, complain that they can’t remove a limb. But no worries if you are struggling with limb removal. There is a branch hook, and THIS branch hook is appropriate to use for limb removal.

As I said earlier, there is a mid mounting section to reach in every part. Again, you can lengthen up to 10 feet. And when you cut the highest point, you can also adjust the collar of the saw.

What we liked

  • Cut quickly
  • Great battery life
  • High-quality design
  • Eco friendly with 0% emissions
  • Lightweight and no vibration

What we didn’t like

  • No spare parts included

Check Price On Amazon

4. CRAFTSMAN (CMCCSP20M1) V20 Pole Saw

[amazon box=”B07KMPXLWR” template=”vertical”]


  • Voltage: 40v
  • Power style: Battery
  • Length: 14 feet
  • Cut per charge: (4.0H)

My Impression

Look, you can’t cut the woods as per your wish, especially when you Are dealing with commercial, then you need to be very careful.

We all know that crafting is also a great talent. So, what if to make a fusion with the craftsman brand and our tree crafting.

Okay, CRAFTSMAN is trying to serve the utmost satisfaction to their user.

That’s why they bring the V 20 pole, saw. This option is really one of the best saws for commercial purposes because you will get buy one get many type options. Like this saw has a powerful engine with high-performance battery life. So, I hope you can feel how smoothly it will serve told you.

And the rapid action cutting system will save your time also. I will suggest if your daddy is a gardener, then just click below and give it to him. I think this will be one of the best gifts for him. So no more late. Jump onto it.

On the other hand, you can use it on your farm to get this particular benefit. When you input a proper program, Mask me what it will run accurately, make it the same way a saw is vital of your commercial journey.

I know this comparison doesn’t fit so well, but I read the specification part and description just a minute.

Can I be totally honest with you?

Though the company says it is 14 feet long, you can unfold the rest option and use it according to your convenient length. This option has a heavy power engine with precision cutting benefits.

Here is an eight inches bar with a chain lock to remove the limb easily.

What we liked

  • Long and lightweight
  • Easy to use and Assemble
  • Thick
  • Ergonomic design

What we didn’t like

  • Not so sturdy

Check Price On Amazon

5. Milwaukee M18 Cordless Professional Pole Saw

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  • Voltage: 40v
  • Power style: Battery life
  • Length: 15 feet
  • Cut per charge: 165

My Impression

Our last four products were individual ones.

And it’s not a typical total package. If you want to get all the saw-related products in one bag, Milwaukee is the best option.

And I know those who focus on buying commercial purposes don’t like to invest again and again. That’s why I’ve picked something top-notch budget-friendly, which is also known as the best commercial saws.

This package includes a pole and a few extra materials to balance the landscape area. On the other hand, this is also a cordless saw, which is no. 1 in hardboard cutting. So I think this option really deserves the owner, and it is a really cost-effective one.

No pressure there!

The first quality is that it comes with a complete package and if you want you can also buy it separately. The Battery has a power state Motor which can run up to 48 hours on one full charge.

The automatic chain oiler provides easy access to the chain tensioning. The AI technology in the pole prevents any kind of accidental breakage. In the same package, you will get all the protection to prevent overload.

What we liked

  • A full package
  • Cost-effective
  • Manual is so easy to Understand
  • High coverage battery

What we didn’t like

  • Not for beginners

Check Price On Amazon

Usually, it depends on the type of Branch and pole saw.

I hope you know those different kinds of pole saws. No doubt that all of them are the best according to their quality. But when you are thinking commercially, then you need to identify the type first. Like hardboard needs a more powerful engine to cut. On the other hand, if you cut thick wood, then a gas saw will be better.

Want something more specific?

And if you want to know the generalized answer, then I’ll say if a branch is at least 8″ thick, then any type of pole saw can cut them easily without any effort. If the log’s diameter is about 8 inches, then it will be an extra benefit.

So, I’ll suggest, before asking the question, just relax for a minute. No need to hurry; first, determine the types and thickness; the riddle will be easy for you.

Gas vs electric pole saw- Which is the better gas or battery pole saw for commercial use?


They are not in the same category. Rehoboth of them serve well. So it’s like a tie between these two.

Now come to the essential point, no doubt that gas poles work well. You can refill it whenever you want. But as we know, natural gas is limited, and we can pollute the air by using chemicals. So it won’t be wise to use Gas Pole Saw.

On the contrary, if you choose any cordless – battery option, it will cost less, and you need to spend money on a refill. Moreover, Battery oriented saws are lightweight, portable, and cordless. So you can carry it whoever you want and start pruning and trimming.

How to Choose the Right Pole Saw for Commercial purpose

Nowadays, people do research thoroughly before going shopping, right? If so, then why don’t we research before buying the best professional pole saw, no?

If you guys agree with me on THIS point, please tell me how to choose the best commercial pole saw. Till then, I’m writing down my points. Read THIS before you recommend it. I’ve tried to cover up all the things. Here they are:


Okay, there are 3/ 4 types of saws like cordless, electric, gas pole saw, etc. And as the day is passing by, technology starts to bring them into the market. And I think you know types of pole saw are essential. Because if your wood doesn’t fit in the pole well, then how can it is cut. Another important fact is that you need to be careful about the mounting process too. And if you buy any cordless option, then be sure about the battery life.


Try to buy an option that has a telescopic mechanism. Magnetic telescopes in any saw locate the tricky corner of the tree so that you can cut easily.


who likes to go to the farm with a heavyweight pole or to move here to there with a bulky unit?

That’s why everyone should go for lightweight options because you can move half here and there. And for commercial purposes, any portable option will be the best also.

Bars of cords

You can say that a bar is the Heart of any pole saw. If your bar is small, then it won’t fit in the log, and there will be no production. At the same time, larger bars may also be problematic. The central fact has properly shaped bars. And it is good to keep an 8-10 depth diameter. Almost all the saw is of this size. But keep in mind that you never use the wrong size cords. It will worsen the condition of your pole saw.

Easy to maintain

Do you like to use any messy product for your Business?

I think 80% of you will say No. This is the reason why you should look for a handy and straightforward option so that you can easily use it and maintain it properly as most of the saws battery oriented, so if you check the charging option.


This is an essential part to consider. Engine id the core house of power. So, what to do?

Okay, let me tell you that a high-power engine will run in the long run and give you the best quality. So, keep your concentration on top-notch engine quality. Otherwise, all of your efforts will go in vain.

Are Battery-powered pole saws any good?

Yes, Battery-powered pole saws are good enough to use.

Among various types of pole saws, few people find gas saws good to use. Few find battery-powered cordless saws useful.

Mainly it depends on personal preference. But according to my Battery powered saws are also good to use because this is a ready-made product. You just need to set it properly. The only shortcomings are that I just charge the battery in time.

Though gas saws are also good, why to use any resources when I have alternative options.

Okay, now you can say that Battery powered saws are also harmful to the environment. Yeah, I know that, but with the technical advancement, people started to use eco-friendly options more; if you have the scope, and then please install it. I bet you will like the service.

What is the maintenance procedure of a Commercial pole saw?

You may hear that our elders complain that they have used a saw for years and years. But we can’t keep it for months. Basically, it depends upon the care. The lifespan of a saw depends on its care. And as I’ve discussed the commercial saws, so I think to mention the maintenance process. But as I can’t tell you the category wise tips, that’s why I’m mentioning the basic ones. Have a look

  • Check all the joints like nut bolts before you start to use them
  • Don’t forget to double-check the trigger part. Especially before you start to recheck it. Otherwise, it won’t work properly
  • Check the chains before you start. And also, look at the tensioning part

When you have completed with saws, and then maintain the following task

  • Check all the oils and oilers
  • Clean them properly
  • Adjust all the gaps

Final Thoughts

That’s all for today’s tricks and tips. I hope my writing will help you to find out the best commercial pole saw. And I tried to figure it out from all sorts. Now it’s up to your decision dear. All that I can say is, “First know about your item, research, take help from recommendation, then Jump into the task. I hope this will be a beneficiary.

Also, try to start with a quality product. It will change your experience. Because good things demand good offerings. Hope to catch you soon with another issue.

Till then, Have a Good Day.

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