How to Use A Pole Saw? – Explained In Detail

When working on high wood, it can often get dangerous if you do not have the right tools. A pole saw comes in handy in these cases since it is designed to reach heights that a regular saw cannot match. Instead of pruning with a ladder to hold you steady, it is always better to use a pole saw.

The effective use of a pole saw makes the difference between a clean cut and a disaster. If you know how to use the tool correctly, you can prune even at 15 feet height. But whenever you are working with a sharp tool, some caution should be taken.

This guide will show you how to correctly use a pole saw and walk you step by step through all the safety measures you should practice.

Primary Safety Measures

Whenever you need to cut a branch that you cannot reach, you need to take extra care. A professional will always use some sort of safety measure like using a pully when cutting a large piece of wood. But when you are using a pole saw, you do not have that luxury.

When using a pole saw, the branches will likely drop without any control. If you are not careful, it can fall on top of you, causing you severe injury or even death. That is why you should always take some preliminary measures before operating this device for your safety.

Take note of the following advises and tips to ensure that you are not unprepared when using a pole saw. Pole saws are capable of cutting thick wood pieces and branches.

The process of cutting can get very tiresome if you are working with denser wood. It is also more dangerous as a heavy wood dropping on the head is not pleasant. Keep that in mind when working with a pole saw.

Never cut branches that are directly over you. There are ways to reduce the weight of the branch by trimming the smaller sections, but before you have a good understanding of the technique, keep your distance.

It can get tiring to work with a pole saw. If you are using an extension to reach higher positions, it can get even more difficult. Take things slow and rest in between cuts to save up your strength.

Be cautious about working near a power line. Avoid them at all costs since an accidental contact can electrocute you without any warning. Always wear a helmet and other forms of protection when working with a pole saw.

How to Use A Pole Saw?

Prepare the Workspace

Firstly, clear the area of your work so that there is nothing for you to trip on. Keep in mind that you will mostly be facing upwards and so it is natural for you to be unaware of your surroundings. Try to ensure that there is no other person in your vicinity to cause any accidents.

You should have complete freedom of movement when working, and if you are worried about these things, it will not be easy.

Plan Out Your Process

Using a pole saw is not exactly beginner friendly. To remove a single branch, you need to make many small cuts to reduce the weight. You should always plan out your angles before starting out with the work. Try to go for horizontal cuts as that will give you the most out of your pass.

Holding the Saw

Use both hands to hold the saw as stable as you can in a vertical position. Try to balance the saw and control the weight. Then slowly guide it towards the cutting spot and make your cuts carefully. Make sure the weight of the saw is tilting towards the branch.

Handling the Saw

It is important for you to handle the tool properly. Always hold your end of the pole at the chest level and never let it drop below that point. When cutting, make sure you are moving the saw at an angle instead of directly moving up and down.

The Correct Cutting Method

Start off by making a groove. That would make your cutting process a lot easier. You want your first cut to cover as much ground as it can while still under your control. Keep the direction perpendicular to the branch.

The next cuts need to cover different angles. This way, your early strokes will pave the way for your upcoming cuts. If, by chance, the branch is sloped, try to slip the saw sideways. Take things slowly and take a break if you need it. This is a long and tiring process.

The first section of cutting when you are making the groove needs to go slowly and in a controlled way. Once that is done, you can increase your speed. A pole saw cuts when it is in a pulling motion. Take caution when the branch is ready to fall. You need to be able to safe distance quickly when it falls.

Clean Up After A Cut

When you are done with pruning, it is time to clean up your work area. You need to take things one step at a time. So before starting on the next cut, you need to get rid of the residue from the previous one. It will reduce the chance of falling over or tripping on branches.

Things to remember when using a Pole saw

In most cases, the blade will start from the upper side of the branch. Only in case of jump cuts, the blade starts underneath

  • It is hard to cut water sprouts using a pole saw.
  • It is perfectly fine to avoid using a pole saw your entire career.
  • In fact, if you do not have any big trees, you can get by with pruning from a ladder using a regular pruning saw.
  • Take every precaution you can before using a pruning saw for the first time.

Final Thoughts

As you see, using a pole saw is not that difficult if you take some basic safety steps. It should be a common practice whenever you are handling any sharp objects for a long period.

We hope this extensive guide was useful for showing you how to use a pole saw, and we wish you the best of luck.

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