Best Gas Pole Saw in 2023 | That Would Make You a Ninja Pruner

gas pole saw reviews Imagine having a beautiful lawn with plenty of trees and eye-cache vine surroundings in your house.

A Lil piece of heaven!!!!

What if I told you can easily achieve this by yourself……..Sounds too good to be true?

Yeah, all you need is a gas pole saw.

Gas pole saw come with the right amount of power to ensure perfect trimming and punning. The blissful assistance anyone can ask for.

Wondering who makes the best gas pole saw?

Here is 5 insanely handy gas poles saw that will make you feel like you are a pro pruner:

Quick View: What Is The Best Gas Pole Saw To Buy?

In a hurry?

Feel free to jump on the quick view of the best-rated gas pole saw 2021.

  1. Best professional pole saw: Remington RM25PS Maverick – “Super effective yet lightest gas pole saw”
  1. Best gas pole chainsaw hedge trimmer combo: MAXTRA 42.7CC 2-Cycle Gas Pole Saw – “Finest Adjustable Pole with tremendous performance”
  2. Best gas pole saw for the money: Poulan pro pr28ps – “An Affordable saw with a most compact design”
  3. Best lightweight gas pole saw: PROYAMA multi-function trimmer  “Versatility at it’s level best”
  4. Best telescoping gas pole saw: MAXTRA Powerful Gas Pole Chainsaw – “Best rated gas pole saw with the impressive extension”

Are pole saws worth it?

While making the trees of your garden consummate shaped, definitely you have to choose a correct pole saw. It seems too bad when you love an open sky yard, but trees are covered up the sky area.

Make sense?

Basically, pole saws are available in two types. One is gas-powered pole saws, and the other one is electric pole saws. Now the question is; why should you invest in a gas-powered pole saw to shape your trees, instead of electric-powered pole saws.

Yes, you heard that right.

The gas-powered pole is the precise pole saw, and its usable popularity is incredible. You can’t disobey its tremendous features and components.

Easy setup

First of all, the electric-powered pole saws starting process is quite tough. Because of this, you must need electric power to run it. Rather, gas-powered pole saws don’t require any kind of electricity, connector, or cable.

What to use pole saw for?

In the past, it had issues like loud sounds as well as environmental pollution. But now, with sophisticated technology, it wipes out its past such issues.

Don’t require any cable

You don’t need to be tolerating cable trouble with gas-powered pole saws. All you have to do, fill the pole saws tank with gas and start shaping trees.

Low Cost

In costly cases, electric pole saws are much expensive than gas-powered pole saws. The reason is gas-powered need only gas and gas is cheaper than electricity bill.

Energy efficiency

If we talk about energy-efficient, gas-powered pole saws promise unthinkable strength while cutting over-growing trees.

How do you trim a tree with a pole chainsaw?

If the electrical power goes down, then your pole saws won’t work immaculately. But if your saws tank is full of gas, you can work with it for the long term.

My Favorite 3 Best Gas Pole Saw Review to Conquer Tough Tasks

Here are my handpicked top 3 best gas-powered pole saw reviews that you can grab your hands on.

1. Remington RM25PS Maverick Gas Pole Saw

ramington rm25ps gas pole saw

Is Autumn coming?

Don’t worry; spring yard tasks won’t be an issue if you have the right tool at your hand.

And this Remington RM25PS Maverick should be a must-have item in your spring yard cleanup checklist.

Power source, weight & dimension

You’ll be surprised to know that Remington sold their first item almost a century ago.

You heard that right a century ago!

Isn’t it amazing to see how they manage to amaze us with top-quality outdoor yard tools?

This gasoline-powered saw is 13.9 Pounds which is ok-ish I guess.

Engine & Bar

25cc engine has a good chunk of power yet is still incredibly lighter to handle the control needed to dominate the toughest yard chores.

Designed for

Designed to be efficient, Remington RM25PS is also a cult classic. It is able to handle literally any yard cleaning – from minor lawn trimming to whipping a giant yard into shape.

Cutting ability

With an impressive 7-foot extension pole, this stuff is gonna give you the freedom to trim or prune at different lengths according to the task.

Are pole saws safe?

The machine chain is always properly lubricated. That means less worry about maintenance.


This machine is the Quick Start Technology.

Thinking what’s so special about it? Well, this simple yet effective feature will help make pull start a breeze. The RM25PS is super supportive when it comes to accepting other attachments. All you have to do is switch between attachment heads and do whatever you want. You can turn to literally any tool- blower, hedge trimmer, edger, and many more.

Things we liked most

  • Extended pole to reach up to 12 feet
  • The awesome gas saw designed with an auto-oiler
  • The lighter design makes it super portable

Things that disappoint us

  • A bit smaller blade

Please note: Maintenance, troubleshooting, & safety are a big deal. So I suggest reading the instruction manual to know a little bit more about the pole saw.

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2. MAXTRA Gas Pole Saw with Portable Bag

maxtra gas pole saw

Safety matters!

Maybe more than anything else……..

Whatever they say, when you work in the backyard for cutting, pruning, and all the stuff, safety is a major fact.

So, how to deal with it?

Choose Maxtra, Choose Security!

Power source, weight & dimension

Who else prefers lighter saw like me?

This 13.9 Pounds little machine can adjust the length from 8.2 to 11.4 ft. That means cutting the branches 14 ft high on the ground is easier than ever.

and it’s insane!!!!!

Another good news is this Gas Powered cutting beast takes the risk to drag a cord on the damp ground, which is also annoying.

Engine & Bar

47.7cc 2-cycle gas engine!!!!!!

What else can we expect from a gas pole saw?

…………..Almost 2x more power than the previous one!!!!!!

It’s a gas-powered 42.7cc gas pole saw with a 2-cycle engine. How much horsepower is 42.7 cc? This looks fairly to make your work effortless in no time. This is actually designed to cut branches 7 to 9 inches thick easily.

Designed for

If you are looking for solid tools for yard garden trimming, it’s time to stop here because it is unbeatable in garden pruning.


Is maxtra a good brand? If you need more attachments, no need to worry about it. As more attachments are available, you can convert to different tools like brush cutter, hedge trimmer, and string trimmer.

Cutting ability

What’s the craziest part is the 2020 Upgraded Version. You’ll enjoy the enhanced screws on the chain cover, which wasn’t the case with the previous model. So stop worrying about falling off in use.


Thanks to the engine protection feature!

The Air filter ensures that the engine is fully protected. Another great thing is the ease of starting advantage.

No matter whether it’s hot or cold starts, a two-position-smart choke will get this just in a blink.

Things we liked most

  • Shoulder strap reduces the fatigue as well as cutting vibration
  • Quick Release Connector is awesome to remove easily!
  • The Spare Parts are fairly Available

Things that disappoint us

  • Poorly designed chain tensioning mechanism

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3. Poulan pro pr28ps Gas Pole Saw

poulan pro pr28ps gas pole saw

First timer using a gas pole saw?

I guess the answer is “Yep”

Well, then look no further because Poulan pro pr28ps is such an easy operational pole saw which can be handled by anybody.

Power source, weight & dimension

No confusing choke of the gas-powered saw ensures no-fuss starts every time. You will love this straight shaft beast; trust me.

Engine & Bar

With a 2 stroke engine, PR28PS has an impressive 3′ extension and allows reaching up to 12′. Apart from the saw, there is a Shoulder strap and trimmer attachment with the package.

Designed for

First and foremost, pr28ps is a unit perfect for every job.

Think I’m exaggerating?

Heck no. All you have to do is equip the attachment whenever you need it. Six optional attachments allow you to do various types of yard cleaning tasks like tilling, blowing, hedge trimming, cutting, and even tree pruning.

Cutting ability

But the coolest part is the Effortless Pull Starting (EPS) feature. The Spring-assist pull cord is really changing the trimming game. On the other hand, easy-to-use purge bulb offers quickly start with just a few cord pulls.


One solid feature you probably missed is the dual-line feed Tap’N Go head. This simple yet effective head helps you to get a superior cutting result.

That’s not all………Reloading the trimmer spool is extremely simple and super quick.

Things we liked most

  • SureFire Fuel Delivery System makes this more secure
  • Thanks to Effortless Pull Starting
  • The automatic line feeding/extending as it comes with the trimmer head

Things that disappoint us

  • Gas cups don’t have O-ring

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How far can you reach with a pole saw?

Most of the pole saw can reach around 10-20 feet nowadays.

You may need pruning the shrubs to make the lawn more eye cache or log down trees for commercial purposes. Here a pole saw will help to do those easily. 

Sometimes, you may have to work in a distant place. Here you have to look at two things, like-

  • The height of the tree
  • Your strength.

Many gas poles are 15ft in height. But when you wish to get a pole saw, you may fall in a dilemma in choosing either a gas pole saw, or electric pole saw. So, in the following, we discuss the amenities of both poles to make it easy for you.

Who makes the longest pole saw?

There you will find multiple companies that manufacture pole saw. Among them, a few are popular, and here we discuss those.

Sun Joe®

This company was founded in 2004 and specialized in developing and designing good quality outdoor tools.

They have two awards for their service, such as The QVC Star Award in 2016 and Gold Award Winner in 2017. They have five different brands, and the garden tools are enlisted under the SUN JOE brand.

Can you cut small trees with a pole saw?

You will find good quality electric, cordless pole saw with the best warranties. Here one of the saws named Joe SWJ803E with 8 Amps of cutting power will help you to cut up to 12-inch tree’s limbs and branches.

In the cordless section, you will find a lightweight (12.8 Lbs) Sun Joe iON16CS 40-Volt battery-powered chainsaw.


In battery-powered outdoor tools, Greenworks brings multiple alternatives like 24-volt, 40-volt, 60-volt, 80-volt, and also 82-volt (commercial grade ) tools. Moreover, you will find electric-powered tools the same as gas-powered tools without not much sound, fumes, and vibration.


Worx is another pole saw manufacturer from where you will find innovative outdoor tools with a good warranty. They manufactured both cord and cordless pole saw.


Remington will offer you both gas and electric powered pole saw with a two years warranty. They have five different poles saw where three are cord attachment, one is battery powered, and the rest one is gas-powered.


RYOBI is another pole saw manufacturer with six different variations. Here you will find some have both battery and charger facility with three years battery & five years tools warranty.

What should I look for when buying a pole saw?

gas powerd pole saw reviews

So, if you wish to buy a gas pole saw, let’s see what you should focus on while buying the gas pole saw.

Energy Efficiency

As the gas pole saw is powered through the gas so, lots of destructive pollutants will emit from it. So as an environmental concern, an electric saw pole is a perfect choice for you. Moreover, the electric pole saw is energy efficient because of its battery or electric power.


You have to pay more for an electric pole saw than the gas one. But in the long run, a gas pole saw will cost you more for maintenance and for fueling.


Gas pole saw will ensure more power to cut down a massive tree trunk easily.

Whereas an electric pole saw will provide you less power that is ideal for pruning the shrubs or little tree trunk.


You may watch the zombie (in the movie) come to chop the human with the pole saw having more vibration and move slowly.

There they mostly use the gas pole saw that tends to vibrate more with sound. Also, you are aware of its maintenance issue. But today, with sophisticated technology, gas pole saw slightly overcome those issues.

Whereas electric pole saw is different such as it doesn’t require more maintenance, less sound, is lightweight, etc.


You can’t cover the big area if you have an electric pole saw with cord attachment. Whereas gas poles let you work wherever you want by just fueling that machine.

Hopefully, now you can able to make perfect decisions while choosing a gas or electric pole saw.


Undoubtedly, you want your gas pole saw to last for long. Here a sturdy construction should be placed on your top priority. You may look at some facts for a study gas pole saw, such as:

  • Bar and chain made of steel alloy.
  • Metallic cover or case.
  • Heavy-duty Plastic touch.

Easily operate

There are many pole saws that come with an easily understandable mechanism. Here you may look for these things to ensure your smooth operation, like:

  • Easy to switch on.
  • Having an adjustable extended shaft system.
  • Handy shaping.

Fuel Efficiency

As you already understand, the gas pole saw requires gas to operate, so; you have to look at fuel consumption. Although the gas price is reasonable, too much consumption may dry your pocket.

Today, in some gas pole saw you would find a technology named SureFire Fuel Delivery System to reduce fuel waste.

Engine Power

The more engine power lets you do a harder job so quickly. Here you have to look at the adjustment with the fuel consumption and the engine power.

This is because a high-power engine requires more fuel. Today, many poles saw use air purge technology that will boost the saw’s efficiency.


Sometimes, you may have to work in a distant place. Here you have to look at two things, like- the height of the tree and your strength. Many gas poles are 15ft in height.

So, hopefully, you don’t face any height-related issue in the gas pole saw. Moreover, you don’t have to face a weight-related problem because of the available lightweight gas pole saw.


As the gas pole saw is a robust trimmer, so the loud sound is natural. Sometimes the loud sound may make you annoyed. So, it will be better if you look at the pole saw having not much noise.


Who doesn’t want their activity will not cause any harm to the environment? As the gas pole saw is powered by the gas here, a lot of destructive pollutants will emit from it.

Thanks to the environment-friendly mechanism of gas poles that makes it safe and secure to nature. So, choose any of the eco-friendly poles saw.


You can easily transport the pole saw if it is portable. The lightweight mechanism will make the pole saw more portable. Here you may find an ano-tool coupler system that lets you separate the shaft so quickly.

Most importantly……….How Can I Take Care of My Gas Pole Saw?

As you already know, the gas pole saw needs proper maintenance so, here we enlist some techniques to help you slightly.

Anything we want to do, we have to take preparation or make us ready for that work. Likewise, your gas pole saw some maintenance before use. So, let’s see what you have to do before using your gas pole saw.

  • Firstly, clean the air filter of your gas pole saw and replace it if it is required.
  • Now, examine the fuel tank to make sure there are no leaks in the tank, lines, or engine.

As you may use it every week so, here you need to do something, such as-

  • Firstly, to wear, check out the starter cord.
  • Now check out for the damage on the vibration damping elements.
  • After that, clean off the spark plugs outside => remove => check or adjust the gap based on the manufacturer’s instruction.
  • If you find any metal burrs have developed along with the bar’s edge, then try to file those metal burns with a metal file.

Your job isn’t finishing yet; instead, your machine requires maintenance every month. Let’s see what those are-

  • Examine the fuel filter for clogs and replace it if it needs.
  • Check out the cracks or damage to the fuel hose, and if required, then replace it.
  • Change the spark plug.

man works with gas pole saw

What’re the other gas pole I tested & worth mentioning

1) MAXTRA Powerful Gas Pole Chainsaw- Best cheap gas pole saw

maxtra chain pole saw
Ah, Maxtra nailed it once again.

This time with a Powerful Gas Pole cum Chainsaw! The versatility of the saw will surely amaze you.

From cutting woods to pruning orchards, this reliable machine will give you the confidence to trim without a ladder!

Specification at a glance

  • Engine displacement: 42.7cc
  • Max engine power: 1100W
  • Weight: 21 lbs
  • Dimension: 72 x 12x 12 inch
  • Cutting length: 10 Inch
  • Bore x Stroke: 1.38 x 1.34inch
  • Chain Guide Bar: 10″
  • Fuel type: Unleaded 93+RON
  • Fuel mix 30 (fuel): 1

My Impression

Have you yet noticed that the previous pick MAXTRA Gas Pole Saw is really close to this one?

Indeed, they are pretty similar.

But one of the reasons I especially adore this one is the low sound level pressure, only 91 dB (A). I am a bit sound sensitive, and unfortunately, the maximum pole saw out there making an annoying sound.

This one is literally a life changer for me!

Think of it like this: you can trim 12-16.5 ft top branches without a ladder effortlessly.

Sound impressive? Well, with the extra adjustable length, this saw machine is as cool as it sounds. It comes with 10-inch cutting length, which easily can be adjustable from 8.2 to 11.4 ft.

Astonishing, isn’t it?

Like other Maxtra saws, this one also has a portable bag! This bag makes convenience a lot easier and mad comfortable also.

What does this mean to you?

Carrying and storing the saw is no more painful. No more soiled by the dust. This may sound pretty basic but believe me, this is best to keep all parts together and clean!

Most importantly, the shoulder strap is super handy in reducing vibration and fatigue. And there is no need to be hyper about the mess of wire and battery during working.

The 26mm diameter, and about 2 mm the thickness, this is safe yet a lighter one to carry here and there.

The goods

  • Starting Recoil starter
  • EPA certificated ONE year warranty

The bad

  • Crank Easily

Check Price On Amazon

2) PROYAMA Multi-Function Trimmer- Best gas pole saw under $200

PROYAMA 26cc gas pole saw

PROYAMA trimmer is the most sought after superstar which is actually a multifunctional gas powered pole saw.

Versatile, easy to use and a great value for the money- this saw is such a compact package.

Specification at a glance

  • Motor: 1 cylinder.
  • Type: 2-stroke.
  • Engine displacement: 26 cc.
  • Chainsaw blade: 12″.
  • Total length: 3m25 (extension included).
  • Hedge trimmer blades: 18”
  • Fuel: mix 1/40.
  • Tank capacity: 700 ml.
  • Weight: 5.9 kg.

My impression

Before anything else, let me show you what’s inside the box and why this tool is considered as one of the best versatile gas powered pole saw out there. It includes:

  • Powerful engine (26cc)
  • Gas brush cutter
  • Long reach hedge trimmer
  • Gas pole saw
  • Extension pole(43 inch)
  • Gas string trimmer
  • 40 pronged metal blade
  • Vibration reduction of shoulder harness
  • Mixing bottle
  • Ear defenders
  • Gloves
  • Tool kit
  • Face shield
  • Chainsaw bar carrier
  • Instruction

This tool is the finest option for those who need multiple tools but unfortunately, have limited space.

Budget is also a big issue, right?

Powered by a 26cc engine, this is a trimming beast with surprising cutting power. Already you know it’s a 5 in 1 pole saw. But what will surprise you most, each attachment offers the same excellent finish time after time. When it comes to maintenance of my garden or grounds, this is the tool I could rely on.

What’s really impressive is the hedge trimmer which could be adjustable to my desired angle. No matter whether you prefer horizontal and vertical cutting, this gives a solid performance.

The goods

  • Emergency stop button
  • EASY starting system
  • 5 in 1 trimming tools

The bad

  • String weed wacker is total garbage

Check Price On Amazon

It’s Time to wrap up!!!!!

There you go folks!

As you can see, the gas pole saw can be bought at an affordable price and let you work in the distance area. Moreover, many sophisticated technologies make this pole saw more user-friendly.

Last but not least, we suggest you read this best cheap gas pole saw reviews carefully to pick the best outdoor tools for trimming as well as pruning.

Now, it’s time to leave and hope that we are able to fulfill your query on the gas pole saw.

As you have to pick either gas or electric power in the pole saw, it will be better to find your purpose first.

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