Dewalt Dws709 Vs Dws779 – How to Pick the Right One in 2023 ?

Keeping the right tools in the collection would make your professional work easier. For instance, if you are a woodworker, you may have to perform a variety of works on time. This is not possible without proper settings and management. Miter saw is one of the most important tools that you must have in the tool collection. For different tools, DEWALT is a trusted brand for a long time. They have two different revolutionary miter saws which are the Dws709 and Dws779.

Dws709 Vs Dws779 is for those who are in confusion about which one would be better. Comparing these two miter saws is difficult as they both have almost similar features. Still, there is some difference between these two products and here I am going to discuss it in detail.

dws and dws miter saw

Why Use a Miter Saw?

Before going into the detail, you should know why miter saw is so important for professionals. For woodworking, you will find various types of saws such as a table saw, circular saw, miter saw, band saw, etc. If you use a portable table saw, that will allow for only the basic works. But a miter saw gives you the freedom of doing a wide range of woodworks with the same tool. Whether you need straight cut, crosscut, or any other customization, you can do it with a miter saw. Moreover, miter saw has more power that can be applied to thick wood comfortably. And the best thing is, you will have the accuracy in works that increase your reputation.

Feature-Based Comparison for Dewalt Dws709 Vs Dws779

The best way to know details for these two products is by comparing them based on the features. As both of them have the almost same look, it is difficult to understand why DEWALT has made these two different miter saws. The comparison between the features will let you know which is best for what.

Weight and Style:

Miter saws are heavier than table saws. You may find different types of saws with even portability. But for miter saws, when you want to perform some heavy works, you will find the suitable products come in heavyweight. However, heavyweight doesn’t affect the performance or the user-friendliness. Because when you are buying a miter saw, the manufacturer assumes that you will hardly move the item from jobsite to jobsite.

There is a slight difference between the weight of these two products. DEWALT DWS709 weighs 51 pounds and the DEWALT DWS779 weighs 56 pounds. However, this slight change won’t be an issue for anyone who is working professionally. So, the thing is, the weight won’t play a major role in your decision making.

Power Capacity:

Miter saws indeed have more power than any other types of saws for woodworking. But each product doesn’t have the same power. It mostly depends on the type of motor used in the product. For example, if you have purchased a miter saw with the 5-amp motor, you can’t expect that much power for heavy woodworks. No matter which mechanism is used in the saw, it won’t get enough power until the motor has the capacity. Let’s compare the types of motors used in these two products.

Both of the miter saws have a 15-amp motor with 3,800 rpm capacity. Because of the same type of motor, you can expect the same power from both of these products. This means whichever product you order, there is nothing to be worried about the power capacity or the motor style.


For any professional, the reputation depends on the accuracy of work. The same goes for woodworkers. If you can’t achieve the smooth finishing in the project or the accuracy is not ensured, you will have fewer orders for sure. You don’t want to spoil your reputation, right? In that case, always check the accuracy of the saw you are buying.

No matter how much money did you spend for a single miter saw, it will be worthless without accuracy.The good news is, DEWALT always focuses on this point. Most of the saws made by them ensure accuracy in works. The DWS709 model comes with 13 positive stops to improve productivity.

At the same time, it ensures accuracy in works. Users can adjust the bevel angle for accurate cut each time. Moreover, the horizontal steel rails with linear ball bearings deliver accuracy and durability.

If you check the DWS779’s feature, it will find it also has the adjustment system for the object and the cutting angle. There is a cutline blade positioning system that provides an adjustment-free cut line. So, when you are applying the miter saw for an object, you don’t have to set anything like the DWS709.

Just start your project and the cutline will ensure accuracy in cutting. That means, there is a slight difference between the accuracy in terms of adjustment. Where both of them have an accurate cut, DWS779 is convenient. Other than that, there is no major difference for an accurate cut for thin to heavy wooden object.

Cutting Capacity:

Which kind of projects you can do with the saw depends on the cutting capacity. For instance, if most of your projects are related to small wooden things or DIY projects, there is no need for higher cutting capacity. But when you are a professional and want to apply the tool for a wider range of woods, regardless of the type, it is important to check the maximum cutting capacity.

Now, if we see the cutting capacity of these two products, the DWS709 can cut at 9-1/2 inches for a 90-degree cut. If you are cutting the object at 45 degrees, the cutting size will be 6-5/8 inches. Again, for the DWS779 model, the cutting capacity at 90 degrees is 2×16 inches and when cutting at 45 degrees, it will be 2×12​. It is clear that the DWS779 has more cutting depth and capacity compare to the other one.

Now the fact is, which one should you prefer? It actually related to the type of projects that you do most of the time. If you think you need a higher level of cutting capacity, just pick the DWS779. However, because of this small change in cutting capacity, you have to spend extra money. So, identify your needs and choose the right one that meets your requirements.

Dust Collection:

Woodwork is such a thing where you can’t avoid dust. In almost any kind of wood projects, there will be dust for sure. When the cutting tool is going through inside, it causes the dust. If you want to maintain a healthy and clean workstation, it is essential to manage the dust. That requires a dust collection system in the tool you are buying.

Obviously, both of them have the system to collect dust when working on a project. The Dws709 comes with a dust port. You can add a dust bag directly to the saw to collect dust and stay mess-free. Moreover, the dust bag is included with the miter saw for users’ convenience.

On the other hand, Dws779 has a superior dust collection system that guarantees 75% dust collection during the project. Compared to the style of dust collection and efficiency, Dws779 is more convenient.

Features of DEWALT DWS709: At A Glance

dewalt dw709 compound miter saw

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This item features the sliding style which means this is a sliding miter saw. You can effectively set the blade for cutting a wide range of wood materials. regardless of the type of wood, it performs pretty well. The fence has a sliding system for easy adjustment. Once you have kept the wooden object, you can easily accommodate it on the plate. Moreover, the sliding fence is tall enough for heavy works.

When you are moving an operating the saw, the adjustable stainless steel meter detent plate makes it easy. 13 positive stops in it allow for cutting the object in the right way and getting accuracy in the cut. It features knob style to lock the miter.

For the maximum efficiency from the miter saw, it does have a powerful motor. It is built with the 15-amp motor. To run the motor, you have to connect it to an AC power supply. You can use it only with a 120-volt power supply. However, if you wish to use it with a 220-volt power line, you have to use an adapter to keep it safe. With the powerful motor, you can achieve up to 3800-rpm of speed from the miter saw.

The tall sliding fences allow for crown molding up to 5-1/2″ nested. Also, for vertically against the fence, the measurement will be up to 4-1/2″. With the high power motor, cutting larger objects become easy with the wood tool. The back fence design cuts up to 2×14 dimensional lumber at 90 degrees.

And when doing it at 45 degrees, the cutting dimension will be 2×10. To have the maximum durability, the saw has a miter system and machined base fence support. This optimizes the performance during operation. You can be sure about the accuracy of the cut.

Compared to different items with the same features, this one is compact and easy to move. Overall construction quality is satisfactory. The parts are made of high-grade materials to increase durability.

What You Will Like?

  • Precise cutting for the wood object to having accuracy
  • Double bevel system for users’ convenience
  • Massive cutting ability to cut through the heavy wood
  • Proper dust controlling system to have a mess-free workstation
  • Warranty is available if purchased from the original vendor
  • Oversized bevel scale for proper measurement

Things Can Be Improved

  • No on-board lighting system for improved visibility
  • Weight is high and not ideal for regular movement

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Features of DEWALT DWS779: At A Glance

dewalt dw779 miter saw

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DEWALT Dws779 could be stated as the upgraded version of the DWS709 model. This is a sliding compound miter saw. To accommodate larger wood objects, there is enough space on board. You can easily accommodate small to larger objects that can set the area. The fence slides on the plate to accommodate the wooden object.

It is easy to apply compared to traditional table saws. Carbide blade, blade wrench, and user guide are included with the miter saw. Weight if this item is kind of heavy. To perform heavily for all kind of woodworks, this unit features a 15-amp motor. This is a corded electric miter saw which you have to connect with the power supply. Once you have started the miter saw, can achieve up to 3800 RPM of speed.

This extreme power allows us to go through heavy wood objects comfortably. It comes with the exclusive back fence design which is capable of cutting up to 2×16 dimensional lumber at 90 degrees and 2×12 at 45 degrees. This is more than the DWS709 model. The higher range of cutting capacity is beneficial for professionals.

The maximum cutting thickness with the saw will be 6.75 inches. It features an improved dust collection system. If you add external dust collecting vacuum or similar tools, you can collect up to 75% dust efficiently.

What You Will Like?

  • Heavy cutting capacity for larger projects
  • The efficient dust collection system
  • Maximum cutting thickness is 6.75 inch
  • Exclusive back fence design
  • Warranty is available from the original vendor

Things Can Be Improved

  • It is quite heavy for movement
  • The tendency of kick at the startup

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So, What Should Be Your Pick?

If you have read the above Dws709 Vs Dws779, both of these miter saws have almost the same features. Both of them have the same power capacity and easy to do small to large projects. The only difference is cutting capacity. DEWALT DWS779 has more cutting capacity than the other one.

If you need that level of cutting depth, definitely you should go for the DWS779. But for this slight change, you have to spend some extra money. If you are ok with that, grab this item.

Final Verdict

Dws709 Vs Dws779 comparison stated all the feature by feature comparison. You can trust on both products as they come from the same manufacturer. The best way to pick the right one is; identify what you are going to do with your miter saw. Once you know what are the requirements for your professional works, you can know which one should be better for you.

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