6 Best Table Saw Blade Reviews In 2023

To acknowledge that frustrated gust of irritation stuttering all over you whenever you are in an impeccable need to replace your table saw blades repetitively even after digging those table saw blades from a well-recognized brand, but it still proved to be unworthy because of its dying edges.

It is frustrating, and that is exactly why I am here to pull you out of this misery!

I totally get how unfortunate it is to see your blades dead due to the thickness or sizes of the materials you have used.

But please do not lose it yet. At least not now…

I am here to talk all about the best of the best table saw blade in the year of 2020!

Together, we will learn about the best saw blades, and I can guarantee you that we can identify the blades that you will need to get the most out of your table saw to sculpt the ninth wonder of the world by your own hands!

So, hold tight and grab your cup of coffee while I tell you some of the greatest table saw blade reviews in the history of 2020 for the love of woodworking.


It’s about time to get more work done without getting splinters on your hands. Quickly let your creativity jump out of the box by sending your bad luck away to vanish in the black hole!

Confidently saying this article on table saw blade with its reviews would help you even when you are running out of time or if you want to skip the entire anatomy of the good table saw blades by simply taking a glimpse at the names:

  1. Forrest Woodworker II (WW10407125) – “best table saw blade for ripping hardwood”
  2. Freud Next Generation Premier Fusion Blade  – “best table saw blade for plywood”
  3. The DEWALT 10-Inch Table Saw Blades – “best saw blade for the money”
  4. Amana Tool’s PR1040C Tabe Saw Blades – “best table saw blade for ripping oak”
  5. The DEWALT DW7670 8-Inch Table Saw Blade – “best table saw blade for laminate flooring”
  6. CMT Industrial General Purpose Saw Blade – “best table saw blade for fine cuts”

Best Table Saw Blades in the Quarantine Year of 2020

Now, without wasting any more time, let’s start with the best, that is the Forrest Woodworker!

1. The Forrest WW10407125 Woodworker II

[amazon box=”B0000223VQ” template=”vertical”]

Frankly speaking that this blade won’t let you down!

This is a piece of absolute good news for Hobbyists and Carpenters now that it is safe to say money can buy you happiness because it is designed to let you cut down your wood waste. This table saw makes accurate and perfectly furnished cuts on wood and other materials as if it has just been sanded without giving you any trouble. Thanks to its smooth10-Inch 40 Tooth ATB, .125 Kerf Saw Blade with 5/8-Inch Arbors for providing a mark-free crosscut edge.

This hand-made blades won’t even give a headache as it runs very quietly, and the backside tear-out in plywood is negligible. The plate is hand-tensioned with superior C-4 carbide teeth that are hand-brazen to each plate. The blades are straightened and re-straightened multiple times throughout the process to run without any hindrance.

So, think of a Forrest blade as a tool in your shop, not as an accessory!

Moreover, Forrest offers a sharpening service to bring blades back to life by giving the exact tolerances offered in a new blade! The same service is available for other manufactured blades as well, so they can come back better than new.

This all-purpose blade gives a delicate trim and a scratch-free cross-cut with perfectly polished cuts on wood up to 2-inches thick. The Forrest Woodworker II is the sharpest and fastest cutting teeth with utmost accuracy for its reverse teeth for clean, sharp edges on both the top and the bottom surfaces with a buttery finish. It shows its top performance with a 5-degree Face Hook with a 10-inch diameter.

If you want to cut hard materials like wood, the Forrest Woodworker II is ideal for intricate designs and art applications. The blades are also designed with reverse teeth for clean, sharp edges on top and bottom surfaces with incredible precision a blade can ever provide.


  • To help the blade come to a complete stop faster, the ATB teeth are nicely placed at a 30-degree angle.
  • Woodworker II has a measurement of 10-inches across with 40 individual teeth along the edges.
  • Reduces the risk of getting wood splinters.


  • Moves so fast that it can burn some types of wood
  • Does not work quite well if set with a zero clearance setting

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Coming up next is the Next Generation Premier Fusion Blade for Crosscuts & Rips for general purpose!

2. The Freud 10″ x 40T Table Saw Blade for Crosscuts & Rips

[amazon box=”B000JNTG76″ template=”vertical”]
Freud is branding their new blade as the Next Generation Premier Fusion Blade, which they have improvised for good on both their 10″ PreKerf Fusion blade forKerfl kerf (P410) and thin kerf (P410T) styles. Furthermore, they are claiming it as the best general-purpose saw blade on the market!

Surely, you want to try it for yourself, don’t you? But, hey, don’t fall for the trap while running after the best blade for table saw.

Retailers might want to play to be the betrayer and choose you as their prey for selling the previously styled blade left on their stock since Freud didn’t want to change the model number for their wild beast.

You better take a look for their Next Generation markings to be the hero of the game!

TIP: Therefore, we strongly recommend you to buy this wild beast in-person where you can confirm that you’re getting the new, improved blades.

Hold on, hold on!

Would you believe it if I say, dedicated crosscutting blades and rip cutting saw blades or other specialty material table saw blades can offer you a better performance!?

Wondering if it is true, then the price will be high as the sky?

No! Fear not, these improvised blades have the same pricing as the previously styled Premier Fusion blades!

The blades are placed safely with a radical tooth geometry that produces incredibly smooth surface finishing with minutest friction and resistance for easy shaping. Such polishing promise to reduce obstacles is because of the new Fusion Trio tooth design that is engineered for a special grind for each side of the tooth (placed at the top, sides, and face).

Furthermore, it has a high angle of 30° ATB grind at the top side of each tooth to further provide a precise cut in all materials both at the top and bottom. It also takes good care of plywood, melamine, and other materials that are prone to tear out easily. A double-sided, dual bevel grind is present as well at each side of the blade for a stunning surface, which is better than a 220 grit for sanded smoothening!

How can I forget to tell you about the wow factor of the axial shear face grind, placed on each face of the blade? That can magically improve the feed rate up to 30%, and that’s not the only thing to be excited about. It can dramatically decrease the power draw up to 35% as well!

Can you imagine that? This is such a win, right!

Now, hold your breath for the additional features!

To reduce friction, blade drag, corrosion, and pitch buildup, the teeth of the blades consist of high-density carbide alloy with their red Perma-Shield blade coating.

Freud’s 40T Next Generation Premier Fusion General Purpose Blades are also well conscious about Woodworkers! The Next Generation Premier Fusion General Purpose Blade for Crosscuts & Rips has laser-cut vibration slots to extend the blade lives and reduce the sideways movement to save you from causing splinters because safety is a necessity!

They can use this blade in miter saws, table saws, or circular saws; as it has a cutting capacity of 3/8″ to 3-1/2″ for crosscuts, and 3/4″ to 1-1/2″ for rip cuts. This 10″ blades consisting of 40 teeth with a hook angle of 18°, along with a 5/8″ arbor hole have sworn to make woodworkers lives a lot easier.

Ideal For: Crosscuts with a range of 3/8″ to 3-1/2″ and for rips with a range of 3/4″ to 1-1/2″ for wood, laminate, veneered plywood, hardwoods and for melamine.

Let’s have a sum-up of the advantages and the disadvantages of the Freud 10″ x 40T Next Generation Premier Fusion General Purpose Blade for Crosscuts & Rips.


  • Moves through a wide range of woods smoothly and cleanly
  • Its surface coating protects the blade against the buildup of rust
  • It is designed to use with woods and laminates


  • May leave a burn/scorch marks on some kind of wooden materials
  • Its teeth can wear off after several cuts

Now, how can we not talk about a combination saw blade?

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3. The DEWALT 10-Inch Table Saw Blades in a Combo Pack

[amazon box=”B00005A1H7″ template=”vertical”]

This is an ideal package to grab as it is seemingly perfect for the miter saw and slide miter saw jobs with softwood, hardwood, chipboard, and plywood. Its slim-kerf blades offer quick incision with minimum debris.

Sounds exciting, right?

Now, let’s quickly brush up some facts:

Crosscuts and rips are the two most common types of cuts in the woodwork industry, right? So, what else do you find more exciting than receiving a 60-Tooth blade for Crosscutting and a 32-Tooth blade for General Purpose that too in an affordable range than the price you might have to pay to get both of the blades for a combo pack?

So, now you can use the DEWALT DW3106P5 blades without any hesitation with your miter saw, and your sliding miter saw where one blade is to do your general cuts or rip cutting jobs, and the other is for crosscutting that requires a more delicate finish.

Its toughness is mesmerizing as well!

Both the blades are made with tungsten carbide, which allows the blades to stay subtle and sharp for an extended period of time compared to some 60-tooth crosscut blades that will cost you the same or even more than. Excitement hits me again, thinking about the tungsten carbide for its durability and an authentic edge to give you cleaner and precise cuts.

Attention! If you are a quality-conscious woodworker, cabinetmaker, or in woodworking professional, the DEWALT 10-Inch, 24-Tooth Stacked Dado Set will not disappoint you.

This is one the best 10-inch table saw and Take a look at the significant advantages again.


  • Consists of two blades
  • Affordable
  • Precisely cuts through any metal using its 60 Teeth blade


  • It does not give a consistent sharpness
  • It does not give a perfect fine finishing

Let us know if you satisfied with this!

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4. Amana Tool’s PR1040C Table Saw Blade

[amazon box=”B000P4QD3E” template=”vertical”]

It is an excellent blade for Ripping solid wood, crosscutting solid wood, ripping plywood, and crosscutting plywood. This general-purpose blade cuts smooth in solid wood, plywood, MDF, and chipboard. It stays sharp for an extended period of time to meet industrial or personal needs to be used in factories, cabinet shops, and by woodworkers.

This full-kerf wild beast is featured with a massive tool-steel plate of .102″ thick with expansion slots and copper plugs that eliminate vibration during operation. Electro Blu’s 40 teeth are grounded with a steep angle of 20° bevel, which is carefully placed on each alternate left and right sides for crisp and cleaner cuts.

It acts as a flywheel and spins great and smooth with a fascinating amount of speed, making excellent crosscuts.

If you own an under-powered saw, don’t hesitate to get this right now!

I suppose you may have already heard about the CMT Industrial General Purpose Saw Blade; after all, it one of the best table saw available that has taken the place of the 50 tooth combination blades and became the best all-around blade!


  • Designed to fit perfectly with full money guarantee in 24 hours
  • Easy to operate
  • High durability and affordability
  • Full money guarantee in a single day


  • It is bulky for indoor carpentry usage

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5. The DEWALT DW7670 8-Inch Table Saw Blade

[amazon box=”B0002ZU6X4″ template=”vertical”]

It is worth noticing that the blades are very well made!

Hence, the cuts come out very clean due to its 4-tooth chippers used on the product to give silky smooth flat bottom cuts.

To make the entire process even more convenient, a sixth chipper (3/32″) is also added, and it lends itself nicely to plywood widths, whereas many sets only offer 5 chippers in two widths. Ultra-fine width adjustments aren’t a thing to worry about anymore as it consists of stainless steel shims to do the job!

The 8-Inch Stacked Dado Set of 24-Tooth holds a heavy gauge and laser cut plates to give out exceptional error-free cuts. Its micro-grain carbide teeth have a specialty to deliver beautiful clean cuts, which is designed to reduce splintering. Its chippers are tapered, so its mass is slightly lighter to make it spin easily. The speedy 24-tooth blade can spin at a maximum speed of 7000 rpm; this can be featured in the next Need for Speed sequel!

Besides, it makes surprising cleaner cuts in a variety of materials, including heavy cuts too.

It is indeed a fantastic blade with the capability of shaping all kinds of wood. It is powered to make clean and smooth dado cuts, rabbet cuts, tenon cuts. This also provides half-lap joints in hardwoods, softwoods, plywood, and melamine as well.

Additionally, it comes in a fantastic case for storage safely to protect its blades against chipped teeth damage keeping your safety on their mind!


  • Pro-quality blade
  • Comes with a safety case for storage
  • Works great on all kinds of wood


  • The dado blade has a slight angle

Check Price On Amazon

It is a well-known qualitative blade as it works great on all kinds of woods! Guess what, you can use this stack to make anything from dados to half-lap joints in hardwood!

6. CMT Industrial General Purpose Saw Blade

[amazon box=”B000P4O6Z6″ template=”vertical”]

Woodworkers, this orange animal never fails to give beautiful results in any hardwoods, softwoods, or in plywood veneer whether you use it for crosscutting or for ripping. The measured distance between each ATB tooth is set with a standard blade with an 18-degree hook angle, which adds up to produce beautiful rip cuts and smooth-as-glass crosscuts!

This is to be used on Radial arm saws, Miter saws, table and special saws for those shops that keep their blades running all day, every day around the year except during quarantines without worrying as the Non-Stick PTFE Coating keeps the blade cool, reducing pitch buildup, and protects against corrosion!

It is all set for Grinding and Tensioning too. This can be proved by watching its superior finish and a tension ring that is made visible on the blade.

Thanks to its fabulous design that the carbide teeth stay at the ground to make sure that the carbide tips fit perfectly. Thus, it provides the right conditions to make braze stay all secured.

Being able to handle full-thickness of wood, this blade is a pure grace!

It will be slightly heavier than those with thin kerf options, but there is a lesser chance of vibration, and its carbide teeth will stand up to more for all the sharpening you require.

Now, let’s check the advantages and disadvantages!


  • Ideal for commercial use
  • Durable and efficient
  • Versatile and precise


  • None

Check Price On Amazon

Buyer’s Guide to Capture Outstanding Features of the Best Blade for Table Saw

table saw buying guide

Regardless of what brand is your blade from, you need to understand the product elements by its features, advantages, disadvantages, cuts, and how effective it is; if you want to identify the best table saw blades.

With this being said, let’s look at the features you must keep in mind.

Types of cut to make

It depends on the number of teeth and the rotations per minute, the quicker the rotation, the faster it ensures that your work is done.

To get rip cuts, you will need a blade with lesser teeth that can rotate faster.

For an aggressive cut, much quickly consider buying a blade with a thin kerf, which requires less power, thus produces less heat; hence it reduces wearing out.

Types of materials to cut

The materials being used have a lot of influence on your blade!

For thick wood: A table saw blade with fewer and scattered teeth is required.

For thin wood, like plywood: Blades with many short teeth that are closely spaced will be needed.

What size does your Table Saw Blades require?

Most require a 10-inch in size, but some need a 12-inch as well, then there are some that are compatible with both sizes.

Larger blades are better for use with harder and thicker types of woods and boards. 

Number of teeth

The amount of teeth simply implies the preciseness and cutting ease. For instance: rip cutting needs a blade with less scattered teeth with perfect angle inclination. Generally, choose a blade consisting of 40 or 80 teeth because each tooth standing to the next can make the wood splinter or can chip off, as one tooth goes right over the area that has been already cut by another. 

If your material is soft, you should go for a blade with many small teeth to boost the accuracy and the precision while preventing breakage.


To increase efficiency, buy a blade that is compatible with your saw, and the marker of the saw must be a perfect fit in your hand.

Tooth Coating

Teeth coated with carbide and steel would make the teeth last longer, fighting against rust, corrosion to be free of wearing out, and easy sharpening.

Motor size

If your saw is for general application, then a contractor saw blade would work just fine. Contractors need to have horsepower sizes 1 1/2 or 2 horsepower while cabinet saws come with a horsepower ranging between 3 and 5.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on the top-rated Table Saw Blades

1) Does the configuration of the teeth matter while cutting?

Yes, the configuration or the design of the teeth really does matter.

A flat-top configuration is needed for rip cuts because the flat design provides a smooth cut that won’t damage the wood.

If you want to keep the teeth sharper for long, get the ones called shoulder designed; it has more metal to the top of each tooth.

2) What saw blade to use for ripping and for crosscutting?

For ripping, blades consisting of flat-top teeth are used that are both soft and hardwood.

For crosscutting, use the ones with more teeth for a cleaner cut; that is why most crosscutting blades have 60 to 100 ATB teeth.

3) Is it necessary to buy both a ripping and a crosscutting blade?

No, not necessarily.

Purchase a single blade that is meant for all common purposes to cater to all your needs at once! Why should you buy two blades when you can enjoy a single blade that is designed for multi-functioning?

4) Do materials used on a blade matter?

Yes, it does matter for longevity.

A saw blade made from one of the cheapest materials found, that is aluminum, may only last for a few months or even less.

If you are on a tight budget, go for products that use steel or titanium.

And, of course, Carbide is the top material to be used because it extends both the life of the teeth and the plate.


Unfortunately, when it comes to table saw blades, they are not always created with equal satisfaction because manufacturers try to go forward with the poor blades for their saws to keep up the effort of keeping the overall price down. What you cannot forget is that a cheap and poorly manufactured blade will never deliver the results that you expect no matter what magic you hold in your hands.

The ultimate goal of this table saw blade reviews was to ensure you have the right table saw blades for your job to eliminate your frustration and the costly mistakes by presenting you with some table saw blades along with its reviews!

Remember that good quality blades are made from laser-cut steel, and their teeth are made from microscopic grains of C4 grade carbide that are usually less than 1 micron in size!

So, what are you waiting for?

Get to the cutting action as soon as you possibly can with the correct valuable tools for the heavy-duty with maximum strength and precision! If you have saw blades that are durable, tough, and accurate, it will linger around for a longer time than expected.

Use the saw blades mentioned above to receive appreciation and the respect that you deserve for your blood and sweat in exchange for your hard-earned money.

Phew! Now, neither be a bad workman nor blame your tools. So, let’s get some woodworking done real fast with the table saw blades enlisted above. Thus, we rest our case of analyzing the most profitable table saw blades with a guarantee that will work to mesmerize than the competing brands available in the market.

Happy table saw blades for your majestic woodworks with the best table saw blade!

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