How To Cut Laminate Countertop With Table Saw [Detailed Guideline]

Laminate countertops have become popular as they are easy to cut and install. We are here to inform you how to cut laminate countertop with a table chainsaw. Laminate countertops have become famous recently as their modern versions look stylish and they are long-lasting also.

Some people still hire professionals to cut their laminate countertops, but it is an easy task if you want to do it yourself. As many of you haven’t ever done this before so, we are here to guide you. Follow our guidelines to cut laminate countertop with table saw easily.

Steps For Cutting Laminate Countertop With Table Saw

If you want to cut the laminate countertop precisely without any professional help, then here are some steps you should follow. Keep in mind that you have to follow all the instructions step by step.

Necessary Tools For Cutting Laminate Countertop With Table Saw

There is a bunch of tools that must be arranged before you start this procedure. Make sure you have the following tools to cut laminate countertop with a table saw:

  • Measuring tape- To measure cot sizes precisely.
  • Carpenters pencil- For drawing measured lines and easily remember them.
  • Carpenters square-
  • Circular saw– For Cutting The Counter Top
  • Worktable- To place the laminate countertop for cutting and installing.
  • Belt sander (Must have 220 coarseness sandpaper)
  • Jigsaw- For smooth edge finishings of the laminate countertop.
  • Table saw.

Now that you have the proper materials here are the steps you should follow:

  1. Choosing The Right Blade For Cutting

Before you begin to cut your laminate countertop, let me tell you that most of the people make the biggest mistake in choosing the right blade for this task. You need to use different blades for different materials. For cutting Corian countertop or stones, people generally use strong blades. A lot of people copy the same blades for laminate countertop which a huge mistake. Laminate countertop is a delicate material, so this should not be forced with strong blades. You must use a normal round wood cutting blade for a laminate countertop.

  1. Measurements & Preparation 

Cutting your laminate countertop must be accurately done. When you cut a laminate countertop with a hand saw, it is really hard to control ita slide or slip. Thus, the best choice for cutting a laminate countertop is a table saw.

A 60 tooth carbide blade helps you prevent all types of slides and slips. It will help you cut the countertop but you have to make sure that you put it on a stable fence or table. Draw lines of the marks you want to cut and cut it consistently by pushing the laminate against the table saw.

  1. Cutting The Length Of The Countertop

To cut the length of the countertop,  you have to measure its size and draw a line accurately.  You have to use a carpenters square to draw a line in the countertop. After drawing the line, you have yo cut it with a circular saw in the marked lines.

If you are unable to understand if the cut was accurate or not, then keep the piece down on the top of the countertop. By this method, you will be able to see the small cutouts left from the initial cut.

  1. Cutting The Width Of The Countertop

You should always cut your countertop to its width after you have done cutting its length. And, you should place it on the main laminate position so that you get the right cutting position and size.

The easiest way to do this is to measure accurate width size is by measuring with a measurement tape. Since you are not a professional, you should always cut the width of the material slab a bit wider. By doing this, you can cut it again if you have failed to do the task precisely.

After cutting the width widely, you can place it on the countertop part and mark the accurate cutting size with a pencil. This time you get the perfect cut for your laminate countertop.

  1. Re-checking All Measurements   

Before making any cutout, you should always double-check all the lines and measurements you have made. By double-checking these processes, you are making sure that your patterns of the cut are confirmed to fit in the countertop position.

  1. Cutting Out Precisely

This is the most complicated part of cutting a laminate countertop. So, be patient and take time to complete this task. You would need a compact table saw and a jigsaw now.

For the precise layout, you would need to cut out a sinkhole. We would suggest you cut the sink hole lesser than required so that you can make extra cuts for perfect finishing.

  1. Edge Finishings

To make your cutout smooth, you need to smoothen the edge finishes. These cuts are going to be rough after you have cut them with a table saw. You should use a belt sander with 220 coarseness sandpaper for smoothening the edges. If you don’t have this equipment with you then you can use a rigid to smoothen the edges of the countertop by hand.

Cautions & Safety Advices

As you are going to use some complicated tools such as band saw and table saw, you should make sure that you are safe from are accidents. You can keep yourself safe by wearing safety gear such as hand gloves, jackets, eye-goggles, ear protectors, and boots. A helmet is not necessary for this task so you can ignore that.

Final Words

Now that you know how to cut laminate countertop with table saw, you should know that tables saws are also dangerous. You should use a compact table saw for these tasks instead of renting machines used for huge projects. The countertops pieces are going to jump back to your face and eyes while you are cutting them so always be careful about these incidents. Before all of these, seek experts’ help while planning to buy or buying laminate countertops.

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