What Is A Miter Saw Used For? – Woodworking Tips in 2023

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So, you are looking to get into the art of woodworking? To do that, first, you need a basic set of tools and also need to know how to use them. Without the right tools, you will not be able to get the perfect angle of cut on the wood no matter how hard you try. In the end, you will be left with nothing but a whole lot of frustration.

Miter saw or table saw is crucial tools that allow you to make precise crosscuts or angled cuts on your choice of wood. It is a vital piece of equipment to have in the inventory of any serious woodworker. Some people do use a circular saw as a replacement for a miter saw, but why make things hard on yourself?

Using one equipment as a replacement for another tool is like using shirts as pants. It does not work that well, and you do not achieve anything, at least not without a lot of issues.

In this article, our primary goal is to understand what a miter saw is used for and why. After going through the entire post, you should have sufficient knowledge on the basics to figure out if you want one to be ready at your beck and call.

Uses of a Miter Saw

As already mentioned above, miter saw shines when making cross cuts or angled cuts. It has three main functions. But because of its versatility, it can be used for some other applications as well. However, before we go into all of that, let us focus on the three main uses.

Regular Crosscuts

When you want to make split a board in half, you have a couple of choices in tools. You could use a handsaw, or radial arm saw without any problem. But the best way to go is no doubt using a miter saw. There are three reasons why you should choose this tool.

A miter saw is a powerful and robust machine. Thanks to the high-power sawing capability, there is no board that it cannot cut. The device is also heavy enough to be stable on its own. Keep in mind that a miter saw is not your typical portable hand saw. So, you need to make a place for it in your workshop.


Having control and accuracy when cutting the board is always of paramount importance. A miter saw is extremely efficient at lining up the cut.

After setting the board against the fence, you can adjust where the blade will connect with the wood.  Some advanced models also come with laser lines to show the precise location of the cut.

There is a device called a sliding miter saw that allows you to cut wide boards. It can handle boards up to 12 inches and can handle any thickness you throw at it. You would be hard-pressed finding any other tool that can make crosscuts as efficiently.

Granted, you can use a radial arm saw, or table saw with pretty much the same efficiency. But to have one of those tools, you need a much higher budget. A miter saw does this job at a fraction of the price and is also easier to handle. Not to mention, the accuracy is also on point.

Angled Cuts

You cannot do angled cuts with any other tools, as well as a miter saw. That is why this is also sometimes referred to as a miter cut. By turning the saw to one side, you can make a nicely angled cut at around 50 degrees in any direction you want. With some advanced models, the angle can even be larger.

This cut is essential when you are involved in any project that requires an angled wood. Yes, you can avoid this issue by using right angles in all your projects, but eventually, you will get stuck. Using a miter saw will make sure that you are never put into that situation.

Even if you want to make something as rudimentary as a picture frame, you need to angle the corners. Also, when doing any sort of trimming work, you are going to need to work with angles. Remodeling a house or a basement is quite impossible without using a miter saw.

That is why miter saw is such a crucial tool to have for any DIY man. There are countless scenarios when you might need to make an angled cut. So, you should just make it easy on yourself by having a miter saw sitting at your workbench.

Compound or Bevel Cuts

Well, this is a complicated thing to explain to anyone not experienced with woodworking. A bevel cut is when you make a cut that is not perpendicular to the top cut. By moving the saw in your miter while you cut the wood at an angle, you can achieve this cut with relative ease.

This cut allows you to get complex angles with larger surface areas, and a miter saw is capable of this effortlessly. The chances are that you will not use this cut too often but having the option if you need it is a nice thing.

Other Uses of A Miter Saw

A miter saw is quite a versatile tool to have. Apart from the three primary applications, here are some different situations where this device comes in handy.

You can use a miter saw to make multiple cuts of the same length. If you want to do this using a circular saw or other hand tools, you would not be having an enjoyable time.

A miter saw can serve as a built-in workbench due to its massive size. Keep in mind that it is a stationary device. You can set up your workspace around this device and have everything close at hand.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, if you are a DIY lover, then you should not overlook the importance of a good miter saw. Whether you are making a standard cut or angled cuts, or even doing some trim work, you should have this device sitting in your workshop ready to go.

We hope this article could shine some light on what a miter saw is used for. Good luck with all your future DIY activities.

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