DEWALT DW715 Review for 2023 – Before Buy this Compound Miter Saw

A compound miter saw could be the best thing in the tools collection for a professional. This amazing tool single-handedly can complete too many projects, especially woodworking projects. And if you consider some top-rated brands for tools, undoubtedly DEWALT would be at the top. They make such amazing machines for professionals and with less price.

dewalt miter saw

DEWALT DW715 is one of the best compound miter saws in the market that can dominate and replace other tools for woodworking. If you want to know details about this item, you have to read this DEWALT DW715 review. This will tell you whether you are suitable for this machine and why you should get one or not.

Who Can Use This Product?

DEWALT DW715 is an acknowledged grade compound miter saw which is designed for one direction bevel. The machine is capable of handling larger projects where you have to perform trimming works and crosscuts. Additionally, it is powerful and fast enough to complete multiple works in a day.

So, if you are a professional and looking for something compact, this item is highly recommended for you. If you don’t have much expertise in woodworking and just want to use it for the hobby, this unit wouldn’t be a good choice. It doesn’t mean you can’t use it. The fact is, for some simple tasks, you shouldn’t spend too much money.

Benefits of DEWALT DW715 Compound Miter Saw

The best way to know about a compound miter saw is by checking the features of it. here are the key features of this power tool –

dewalt dw745 miter saw

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Compound miter saws are the best for different trimming works and completing mid-level projects. That may require you to carry and move the machine to different places. Particularly sometimes you will have to travel to some remote areas where you need something convenient.

Without a lightweight miter saw, this won’t be possible. The good thing is, you will enjoy all these things in this item from DEWALT.

The good thing is, DEWALT has kept this model within a compact size which is much lighter than the DWS780 model. The weight of this power tool is only 42 lbs.  So carrying won’t be an issue with it. No need for any special vehicle to carry it. Besides the lightweight, another convenient thing is the carrying handle in it.

This makes transport the machine easier. However, the compact size doesn’t affect the performance of this machine. Despite the lightweight, still, it can perform great in different woodworks.


Whenever someone tells about a compound miter saw, they mention it as a powerful tool for cutting works. The reason behind calling this item like a power tool is its capacity of handling bulk about objects.

With a single item, a professional can perform the best. So, when you are buying a new item, must check for the power capacity. Because the cutting capacity of the machine hugely depends on the power of it.

Considering this fact, DEWALT has used advanced technology in it to provide the optimized performance in works. With a 15-amp motor, this unit can insanely reach up to 4000 RPMs. So, whatever you are cutting with this tool, that will be fast.

Cutting framing or molding becomes too much easier. That makes you more productive and you can complete the projects on time. Which means you can take more projects and make more money.

dewalt compound miter saw

Easy to Operate:

Remember that tools are effective only when you know how to operate it in the right way. Even if you have a vast experience in the tools industry, you should pick a tool which is easy to operate.

This saves you time and as you know, “time is money”. Especially for beginners, it is mandatory to buy something more comfortable. That makes cutting work more natural and you can relax.

If you buy DEWALT DW715, you won’t be frustrated. Whether you are a beginner or an expert, you will find this tool is moderately easy to use. Most of the parts are adjustable according to the cut you want to achieve. The miter detent place is adjustable and there are 11 different positive stops in it for accuracy.

The sliding fence is tall enough and provides the maximum support for crown molding up to 5-1/4″. This item features 0-50 degree left and right Miter capacity which is great for versatility.

All Essential Equipment:

When you are starting a woodworking project, only the compound miter saw is not enough. There is some essential equipment requires the main power tool to perform various works. So, when buying a new one, you may want to purchase them separately. The fact is, these added items are not cheap at all.

You will have to spend enough on them. But you will be glad to know that this DEWALT compound miter saw comes with all the crucial equipment.

You will receive a carbide blade with the tool. The blade is versatile and you can use the same blade for most of the small and mid-level projects. However, all works can’t be done with this blade. But you can easily find a replacement for it. A blade wrench is included with it to change the old one. Besides, you get a dust bag, extension kit, and side handles in the base.

Variable Cuts:

The success of a compound miter saw depends on the type of cuts. If your picked item can cut the object from diverse angles, you can apply it for a variety of purposes. Crosscut is the specialty of a compound miter saw. DEWALT DW715 is intended for perfect crosscuts through the object.

The crosscut capacity of this unit is up to 2×8-inch dimensional lumber. The precise miter system allows to set the measurement and the base fence supports for cutting accuracy. Both in crosscutting and the miter cutting, you will achieve accuracy with this machine.

As the name suggests, this is a single bevel compound miter saw, it allows for bevel cuts. The bevel cut range is from 0 degrees to 48 degrees. This range provides an increased capacity for taking larger projects. According to the angle you are setting, the dimension and the measurement of cutting capacity will vary.


Without any doubt, a miter saw is a great power tool for larger woodworking projects. Because of high-end features and performance, the price is comparatively high. That is why it is essential to ensure that the purchased product is ready to serve for a long time. This is only possible when you are buying something durable.

DEWALT DW715 is one of the best compound miter saws in the market because of top-grade features and quality. Different metal parts of this item are made from stainless steel. No matter if you are a heavy user, this machine will perform its best. The carbide blade that included with the product is also strong enough for longevity. Compared to similar products in the same price range, this one is providing more.

Things I Liked

  • An increased bevel cut to handle large projects
  • 11 positive stops in the miter detent plate
  • Great portability for hassle-free transport
  • Comparatively quiet operation
  • 15-amp powerful motor for optimum performance
  • Perfect in crosscut with great accuracy

Things I Didn’t Like

  • The dust bag can collect a small portion of dust
  • Not compatible with DEWALT LEDs
  • Need enough expertise to operate the machine properly

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What Is the Difference Between a Single Bevel and Dual Bevel Miter Saw?

If you check the product description, you will find that it is defined as a single bevel miter saw. This may make confused people why the term ‘single’ is used here. Well, when a compound miter saw is named as single bevel, it means you can move the bevel in a single direction. Most of the products are designed to pivot only the left side when you face it.

In opposition, dual bevel miter saws are designed to pivot in both directions. This means you can bevel the machine in both left and right when you face the machine. This allows cutting the object without flipping the wood object.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Does this item from DEWALT have any particular safety feature?

Yes, to protect your fingers when working with the machine, the blade comes with a blade guard.

2. How to replace the blade on this compound miter saw?

You will get a carbide blade with it. When you need to replace it, you have to remove the blade guard, the locking pin in the blade, and the bolt cover. Now remove the old blade and replace the new one.

3. Where to find a good replacement blade?

You can order it from DEWALT or other brands. But make sure that you are following the guidelines as described in the user manual.

4. What is the size of the dust port?

It comes with a 1.5″ measurement. Use an attachment and collect the dust on the dust bag.


This DEWALT dw715 review tells you everything that you need to know before purchase. For mid-level contractors, this would be a good choice. It performs pretty well. Also, if you already have an updated one that is bulky, you can purchase this item too to perform the projects where you need to carry the compound miter saw on site.

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