How to Cut Tree Limbs that are too high to Reach

How to Cut Tree Limbs that are too high to Reach: A Lazy pruner’s secret Method

Trees are like the kidney of the environment……………and they protect the ozone layer too. 

But the growth rate of some trees is insane!!!!!! 

So, regular pruning is necessary for beautifying the environment. Similarly, obstruction can be prevented.

Always keep in mind:

The good health of some trees is assured when you prune them. Some branches or limbs are positioned so high that cutting them when standing upright is nearly impossible.

That is why I feel it’s important to learn how to cut tree limbs that are too high to reach.

Let’s get started.

So How to Cut Tree Limbs that are too High to Reach exactly?

Here is the step-by-step process to cut tree limbs that are too high to reach. Read these steps intently.

Step 01: Setting up the Ladder on an Ideal Place

Placing your ladder is the first step that you need to follow. Unfortunately, many of us don’t install the ladder in a suitable place. As a result, the unexpected consequence happens. So, carefully follow our advice.

The place needs to be spread on the trunk, and remembering to install the ladder near the tree’s trunk is better. Also, avoid leaning the spread on the tree limb. Different ladders are available in the market to buy. It would be best to use a step ladder. 

If your ladder size is massive, make sure that you have a helper to hold the ladder.

Step 02: Prepare Yourself for the Initial Cut

First, find out which branch or limbs you need to cut. Then ensure a shallow cut of the selected limbs or branches. Also, you are required to be careful when doing so as the cortex moves forward. When cutting branches, remember not to pull the limbs. Next, draw more and more bars as much as you can.

Thus, accomplishing the next steps will be more convenient. It would help if you cut 6” of the limbs or branches.  

Step 03: Cut the Small Pieces as much as You Can

Here the prime factor is, crushing small branches is much safer compared to cutting larger branches.

How do you cut very high tree limbs?

Your task will be so simple after completing this step. You can choose between a popular pole pruner, rope saw, or pole saw for cutting small branches efficiently. It is advisable to use a pole pruner because pulling the trigger will be much more comfortable. Pole pruners are easy to operate as well. This tool will let you cut all the small limbs or branches pretty comfortably. 

Rope saw is another exception and an effective tool for cutting small limbs. The performance of this tool is significant. Working with it is also quite tricky. Wrap it around the top offices after pulling it backward. This saw offers excellent results when you plan to cut small branches first.

Step 04: Make the Final Cut

We are at the final step of cutting tree limbs that are too high to reach. Since you had already cut the small branches which means, more than 50% of the task has already been completed. 

Now you have to cut the more significant portions of the branch, and carefulness is a must at this point because the tree branches can be heavy.

Leave 2” of larger branches when cutting. This way, accomplishing the task will be easier and the tree will be saved from damage. Moreover, the tree will heal itself naturally if you leave 2” of the branches. Also, you can remain worry-free regarding the healing issue.

Can You Cut Tree Limbs Hanging Over Your Property?

Your neighbors can plant a tree within their property boundaries, but over time, a few branches can grow and reach within your property line. But most of the time, this may not be an issue. The extended branches may need to be cut and due to the safety issue or eliminate obstacles.

Both parties will be satisfied if you share the branches or limbs cutting plan with your neighbor.

While cutting tree limbs hanging over your property, follow the below tips.

  • · Learning branch-trimming rights is necessary. If your neighbor’s tree extends over your property, trimming those limbs by you is legally allowed. Also, when trimming, you have to stand on your property without going into your neighbor’s property line.
  • · Remember to consider the health of the tree when trimming. Proper pruning technique like maintaining the right angle is mandatory.

What is the best tool to cut tree branches?

When you require cutting small branches or limbs, buy any of the tools below.

Pruning Shears

It is also known as hand pruners. Pruning shears are suitable for cutting small branches of 1” diameter. Moreover, you can cut branches of awkward angles using this tool without hassle. How do you cut heavy branches? When you need to trim dead twigs, use anvil running shears. The straight and knife-like edges offer the best result at this point.


The handle of the lopper is longer, and it consists of a sharp blade that allows you to cut branches of 2”. 

Similar to pruning shears, loppers are also available as bypass or anvil. Live branches can be harmed if you use anvil loppers, which means bypass loppers are best for trimming dead limbs.

Pole Pruner

You can extend a pole pruner up to 10’ – 15’. When buying a pole pruner, choose a model that comes with a pruning saw and a bypass blade. Trimming 2” thick branches is much more convenient using a bypass pole pruner. 

More importantly, it is the best tool to hard-to-reach cutting tree limbs from a ladder & tree branches. If you ask me what the best tool for cutting small trees is, my vote will definitely go to a pole pruner.

How to Get a Broken Limb Out of a Tree

Trees beautify our property, providing shade from the blazing summer sun. However, it can be dangerous or life-threatening if your tree has a broken limb. It would help if you got a broken limb out of a tree immediately. Otherwise, an unexpected accident can happen. 

Let’s learn the step-by-step process of how to cut tall tree limbs.

Step 01

First, locate the broken limbs or branches. Loose branches can fall and damage your property, so cut them first. After clearing all the loose branches then remove the cracked branches.

Step 02

Find out the selected limbs, branch union, or branch collar. The swollen or raised tissue piece is known as the branch collar. 

All the cuts need to be angled away from the stem and on the outside ridge branches. Never plan to cut the collar of the branch.  

Step 03

Use pruning shears for cutting the branches or limbs of 3” diameter. If possible, cut as much as near the lateral or bud branch.

Step 04

If you find any damaged thicker branches, use a saw to cut the underside to eliminate them. The main attached branch cut nearly 1” – ½” deeper and 12” – 18” away from the main involved branch.

Step 05

Now the saw needs to be removed and positioned on the branch top. Continue sawing until the branches or limbs get removed from the saw.

Step 06

Finally, just the outer side of the ridge of the branch, make the final cut. The cut needs to be made as much as closer to the branch union. Thus, stem tissue injury is prevented, and the wound can naturally be sealed.

How to Rope Off a Tree Limb to Keep It from Falling

Before making any cuts of the tree limb, follow the below process of roping off a tree limb to keep it from falling. There are 3 cut methods for removing a tree limb. And here is my favorite one.

Step 01

Take a ladder and install it against the tree trunk. In order to avoid falling, get someone to hold the ladder.

Step 02

Get twisted polyester and nylon rope of ½” and rated for equivalent or more than 500 pounds. Around the limb, wrap the rope up a minimum of twice, then back over the backup tree branch. 

Step 03

Use a rolling hitch knot or clove hitch, tie the rope’s one end to the tree’s trunk. Get another person who can help you to grab the rope’s opposite end. Before eliminating the tree limb, instruct the person to pull the rope tightly.

Step 04

In this step, we will be cutting the limb of the tree. Use a saw to cut the down part of the limb’s one-third ratio. Then cut the upper side to finish cutting.

Step 05 

The cut limb of the tree needs to be lowered. Tell the person to hold the rope tightly until the rope is released slowly. Control the releasing of the limb to the ground.

Bonus Tips: How to trim a tree that is too tall

  • Before cutting tree branches, assess your tree to determine which branch needs to cut.
  • Follow the right technique when cutting tree branches because the wrong technique can damage the tree.
  • Use a ladder to cut the hard-to-reach branches.
  • Be careful if there is any electrical conductor available under the tree.
  • Wear climbing spikes if you require climbing the tree.

Wrap Up……..

Cutting limbs or branches is challenging, especially for safety reasons. Having the right tool is mandatory if you want to cut limbs that are too high to reach.

At the same time, learning about the correct process is significantly essential. Hopefully, after reading this write-up on how to cut tree limbs that are too high to reach will never be a tricky or challenging task.

Before starting the process, make sure that you have all the safety gear in your hand.

Thanks a bunch for being with us.

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