What Is a Band Saw Used For

What Is a Band Saw Used For- How & Where To Use It

Apart from just making decorative cuts, do you know what is a band saw used for? Band saws produce lots of utilities but they do not get much attention like other big tools. But when you ask a professional, he would recommend a band saw as it has a lot of innovative uses and purposes.

The band saw provides limitless innovative facilities and reliability for woodworkers, plumbers, homeowners, and steelworkers. So, we are going to inform you about every possible way of using a band saw.

Why Would Woodworkers Use Band Saw?

The band saw is similar to the scaled-down version of a sawmill. It is mainly used for cutting wood and metal pieces accordingly and decorating them in any way you want. Since the band saw comes with less vibration and more accuracy  than jigsaw and scroll saw, you can use the band saw for these tasks:

Cutting Wooden Curves And Circles

Cutting wooden curves and circles is probably the most popular use of a band saw. There is no way any other saw can do this task better than a band saw for its enormous accuracy. The band saw can cut circles easily as it can make the tightest curves while cutting.

You will get more accuracy as both of your hands will be feeding and directing band saw when cutting. As you get more options of blades for band saw, you can cut through curves and edges easily with narrow blades.

Band saws cutting length is also adjustable which makes it perfect for stacking more workpieces together.

Re-Sawing Finishings 

When cutting any board, everyone faces the problem of thick sides. If you want a proper solution to these problems, you need to make perfectly matched finishing on both sides. A band saw is the perfect choice for this task as it can easily cut the thick side and match both sides’ thickness.

Re-sawing makes the side finishes so smooth that you can use them for creating a mirror or cabinet doors. Apart from this beautiful effect of cutting, re-sawing provides you more material to work with.

Besides everything, you should get a good quality band saw. If you are unable to find out the right fit for this then check out the iwoodcutters for some rated bandsaw for re-sawing.

Veneer Decorations 

Veneer decorations are related to re-sawing. You need to make wood slice designs to hide any imperfections or make the wood piece look more attractive. Sometimes you may need to make thin veneer designs that are hard to make with any other saw. The band saw is there to help you make such beautiful wooden patterns.

You can use veneer designs as decorative designs and coverings for doors, tabletops, cabinets, and many more furniture. A veneer can also be used for lamination of any wooden surface.

Rip Cutting Woods

By using big blades, you can use a band saw for cutting massive timbers into small ones. This rip cutting would help you reduce the size of any timber accordingly without even damaging the blade. You can also use rip cutting for resetting edge cuts of timbers that came from mills.

While working on thick stock, you can reset the face to expose wood grain with a band saw. For cutting woods to any size, crosscuts can also be done by band saws.

Cutting Metals & Other Structural  Steels

Many of you don’t know but portable band saws are the most used saw for cutting metal sheets and pieces in many factories and fabrication shops. You would need to use a high-performance band saw that produces more power as metal pieces are more strong and durable than wood. A good quality blade is also a must for cutting metals and steels with a band saw.

As band saws are portable and small in size, they do not generate so much power as other saws. So you can not cut all heavy steel and metals with a band saw. Band saws are only used for cutting thin metal sheets and shaping them.

Meat Cutting & Butchering 

This is a bit unique but meat butchers also use a bandsaw for cutting big pieces of flesh and bones as they are hard to cut with knives in hand. It also takes a lot of time for butchers to cut meats and bones with machetes and knives, so the band saw is not a bad idea for them. Now they can cut flesh and bones within a short time without any pressure or hard work. For saving time and energy, band saws are becoming popular among butchers.

Creating Tenon Joints

Do you know what tenon tongue is? It is a joint part of the woods. If you want to join two different parts of the woods then you would need to craft a tenon tongue smoothly to join them. This task needs huge consistency and accuracy which makes it hard. Band saws can smoothly make accurate tenon tongues in a short time to mortise a hole and make a powerful bond between the two jointing wood parts.

Making Notches & Truss Circles

Truss circles and notches are standard parts of rooftops. Making notches and truss circles is a hardworking task. If you have the courage to hardworking then you can make truss circles and notches for your rooftop all by yourself with a band saw.

As you can cut in any angle with a band saw, you can easily make those 30° angle cuts for your rooftops notches and truss circles. We would recommend you use a dual blade for these tasks for better performance from your band saw.


The band saw can accomplish a wide range of tasks. Now that you know what a band saw used for, you would be more pleased to know that band saws are light weighted and easy to use. All these magnificent features make the band saw usable for any personal and professional projects.

Though band saws could not gain so much attention like any other saws, we hope that you know how great this tool is. So, if you are planning to make any innovative project that can be done with a band saw, then we can assure you to have complete reliability for using a band saw.

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