How to Untangle a Chainsaw Chain ? – 5 Useful Step

For woodcutting works, the chainsaw is an excellent solution. This tool could make your daily works easier. Notably, if you are a professional and have to deal with so many projects, this amazing power tool should be in your tool collection. To ensure the best performance from this tool, you need to make sure you are maintaining it properly. However, maintenance is not too difficult and you can do all it yourself.

Sometimes you may find the chain is tangled in the tool. So, when you want to use it, you need to untangle it first. Let’s know how to untangle a chainsaw chain like a pro. Each step in this article will be elaborate to make the whole thing easier for everyone.


What Do You Need to Untangle a Chainsaw Chain?

Before you start untangling a tangled chain, you need to keep some essential things for it. Here are the things that must keep for you –

Chainsaw Gloves – Chainsaws have very sharp edges and that can easily damage your fingers or any of the parts of your hand. So, when handling it, need protective gloves for you. Collect a pair of chainsaw gloves to handle the chain securely.

Protective Goggles – You must wear protective goggles when doing the work. Though it seems like your eyes are safe. But an old chain may contain dust, flecks of rust, debris, and so many things which can enter into your eyes.

Lubricating Oil – There is no need to say that the chain may have rust and debris. You want to clean it, right? So, keep a lubricating oil in your collection to apply it to the chain. This might help to untangle the chain easily.

Essential Tools – You may need some essential tools when you want to remove the chain from the chainsaw. The most essential tools to remove the chain are a screwdriver, Allen wrench, and chainsaw guide bar.

A Workstation Table – If you have collected all the things described above, now it is time to setup a workstation table where you will lay the chain. This should be durable and must have enough area. A wooden table would be good for it. You may use a workbench instead of a wooden table.

How to Untangle a Chainsaw Blade

Step 1: Prepare Yourself

Now you have all the things that require untangling a chainsaw chain. Prepare yourself with them. Firstly, wear gloves and protective goggles to handle the chain.

If you didn’t remove the chain already, take the tools and start removing the chain from the saw. Make sure that you are checking the sharp edges to keep your fingers safe though you are wearing the gloves. Now remove the chain with the screwdriver and the wrench.

If you find difficulty to move the chain, apply some lubricating oil. Once you have removed the chain, now lay it on the workstation table or the workbench.

Step 2: Find the Opposite Loops

When the chain is laying down on the table, you will have to find the opposite loops in the chain. This shouldn’t be difficult for you if you are familiar with a chainsaw.

If you find it, use your two hands to handle the loops. Hand down the chain using these two points with your hands. This makes further work easier for you.

If the chain is not tangled too much, you may even untangle it in this step.

Step 3: Make the Loops Bigger

In step 2, you might have found the points of tangling and now you have to make the loop bigger to untangle it. Use your finger to find out a way to untangle the chain. Slowly make the loop bigger with your fingers.

At some points, you may also have to put some pressure on the chain. However, if your gloves are not durable enough, you need to be very careful.

Step 4: Untangle the Chain

Did you complete the previous steps properly? If so, now you are ready to untangle the chain. To do this, you have to place your hands in the right position. Find out the lowest part of the chain.

Use your fingers to set the chain in a straight vertical position. If the chain is too old, it might be stiff and you need to apply enough force. Now place the tangled part up and allow the rest of the part to be hand down under the tangling position.

If you keep the chain in the raised position, this should move the chain freely by untangling itself. If some parts do not go straight, check it and let it be straight. Apply some lubricating oil if necessary.

The chain will move freely and it should slide the loops to release all the tangles. If you don’t become successful after this, you may create another loop and follow the same technique.

Step 5: Spread the Chain

If you have done all these steps, now spread the chain properly on the workstation table or the workbench. Be slow and gentle when you are spreading the chain.

Because if you do something wrong, the chain would become tangled again and this could be very difficult for you to untangle it from the beginning. Moreover, you will lose valuable time.

Check it if there are more tangles or not. If all ok, now you are ready to place the chain on the chainsaw. You have the screwdriver and the Allen wrench, use them and place the chain back in its original position.

Final Verdict

The above steps clearly explained how to untangle a chainsaw chain. Whether you are a newbie or an expert, you will be able to follow the above steps. The thing you must follow is the safety instructions. No matter how expert you are in this work, you should always wear protective equipment. This is for your safety.

If your chainsaw has a different style of chain, follow the user manual you got with the new product. Remove the chain and follow the steps as instructed.

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