How to Cut a Square Hole in Wood with a Router – Experts Thorough Guideline

How to cut a square hole in the wood with a router has always been a matter to concern about by the router people. Whether you are a wood router worker or you are curious about it. You will find it difficult to create a perfect square with sharp corners. The first time you do it.

Both the outer shape and the inner structure of a hole needs to be in proper shape. The figure of the holes can be round, triangle, square, rectangle, or of the shapes with individual geometric patterns. So, it can be pretty much hard to do this type of wood project.

That is why we will acknowledge you and help you learn the way to cut a square hole in your wood with a router. With some necessary tools and steps, you will make a great square shape with Sharp edges in your wood.

Details and Information to Cut a Square Hole in Wood With a Router

As a wood router worker, you will have to create different shapes, drill holes, designs, or engraves in your wood board.

Therefore, the shapes of all the creations can vary from each and another. Especially in the case to make a hole in your wooden board to set up or align other wood parts.

But all the tasks and projects of a wood router are not at all easy. Moreover, if you are doing it for the first time you can mess up even fast.

Besides, before you go ahead and start to make the square hole without any preparation. I prefer you to stop and go through the steps. Now, we will guide you to have some equipment and materials for your wood router project.

Necessary Things You Need to Cut a Square Hole in Wood with a Router- Tools and Equipment

With just a wood router you will not be able to do the whole process to cut a square hole in your wood frame. There is other essential stuff that is important so you can finish your procedure.

  • Few sets of pencils, markers, or chalks to draw and dot lines in the place you will cut hole.
  • A measure gauge tape to estimate the distance you will require to make the square hole. And you can mark the precise structure without an error.
  • The steel framing square to give the measures and marks a square formation layout.
  • To draw a straight long edgy line marks a straight edge tool.
  • A wood router and bits that will drill into the wood piece then produce the square frame in it.
  • When you complete drawing lines and figures. You will need to cut the wood piece into the square shape. For that, you need to get a tool or material to cut the wood, board, ply, etc.
  • A versatile cross-cut jigsaw tool is simple to use. Or you may have an edged bench chisel saw to cut through the wood.
  • Then rough sandpaper to polish the rough and uneven parts of the woods. After you cut it.

Therefore, you will need some safety precautions to ensure your safety while you perform this heavy-duty task.

Important Safety Precaution Gadgets for Your  Protection in the Wood Routing

To avoid any accident and damages while you cut a square hole in your wood. You will have to prepare with some basic safeguards. Such as-

  • The first gadget you will require is protective safety eyeglasses. Since the small parts of woods will fly around when you are cutting the woods. That small particle might get into your eyes and ears and cause harm.
  • You should wear an apron as it will keep your clothes safe from any damages.
  • Two Latex hand gloves that will keep your hands safe from the wood router machine. Also, it will save you from the unexpected electric short circuits.

After all the arrangements, you are ready to get ahead and start your router process.

How to Cut Square Hole in Wood with a Router- Step by Step Methods

From here on we will have you learn about the uses of the tools. Then we will get through the steps and complete the procedure.

  1. To start, you will have to choose a smooth wood board and decide on which place of the wood you will cut it.
  2. Then, take measures, and calculate the space of the wood you will create a square hole. After that Point marks, lines, and dots on the place with a pencil or a marker.
  3. As you have set up the place for the hole. Now, take the steel framing square scale, and straight edge tool. Now, put it on the wood board, and draw your marks and lines.
  4. Besides, if you do not have the steel framing square. You can use the normal measure scale and the protector compass. Now, carefully draw a straight 90-degree angle four lines for a square.
  5. Since the layout of the square formation is complete. You have to cut the straight line into a hole. So, take the Crosscut jigsaw or any saw you prefer to cut wood and the wood router machine.
  6. Therefore, set up the perfect bits in the wood router. Switch on the machine and drill into the four corners of the square. Which will make it fluent for you to create the square hole. When you finish it, turn the drill off and keep it aside.
  7. Hereafter, you have to use your crosscut saw or circular saw to cut to line straight lines of the corner you drew. Keep it in moderation and do not be hasty or the square figure may not stay perfect.
  8. Well, you almost made the square hole. Now, all that you need to do is crop the square with your edge bench chisel to sharpen the edgy corners of the hole.
  9. Put the top side of the chisel on one of the side corners of your square hole. Then hit it slightly with a sledgehammer hand tool. So, the chisel will get through the square hole. Then repeat this for the other corners.
  10. Lastly, you have to use the rough sandpaper sheet to rub off the roughness and up and down, or sharp edges to make it smooth. Unless it can also be harmful.


A little ago we said that to cut a square hole in the wood with a router is not an easy task. However, it is not a hard task either.

With some necessary and simple steps and cautiousness, you will do a great job. Even in your first project. It does not matter either you are a professional or a newbie.

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