How To Change Bandsaw Blade

Not knowing the mechanism of your tools is a shame when you are a professional woodworker. And DIYers have to face something similar when they confront mechanical breakdowns.

It’s not a good practice to hire a mechanic for each and every installation or repairing work of your workshop and pay them a huge amount from your pocket. A DIY project can be a great option for a workshop owner to save money.

band-saw blade

But it’s not an easy task when you need to deal with the monsters like the bandsaw or the table saw. Among other tools, a bandsaw is one of the most complicated tools that is regularly used in every workshop.

Changing a bandsaw blade is a common issue. It’s true that it’s not an easy job but also not difficult as you think.

So, if you recently take the decision to change your bandsaw blade, we suggest you to read this article attentively.

Today, we make a short discussion here about how to change bandsaw blade easily. We promise you, that this article will be helpful for you to do your DIY projects.

Instruction On Changing A Bandsaw Blade

Follow these instructions to have a smooth operation.

Turn Off The BandSaw

Before beginning the repair, like other tools, turn off the bandsaw & unplug it from its power source. It’s very crucial that you check every power source that is connected with the bandsaw.

Because of the power is on while changing the blade, accidents might occur.

Open The Saw Cabinet

After disconnecting the bandsaw from power, you need to open the bandsaw cabinets. The bandsaw blades are wrapped with a form of tight coil and this coil is covered by two cabinets. So, you need to open the cabinets to reach the blades.

Open the upper and base cabinets of the bandsaw and discover the coil. Then, clean spare sawdust and splinters from the cabinets.

Release The Tension Of The Blade

Once you opened the cabinets and thoroughly clean the sawdust and obstacles, then loosen the tension of the old blade.

Most band have a particular quick-release lever for this purpose. But if you don’t find this lever then you must use the vertical knob, which is called ‘tension knob’ for loosening the tension of the blade.

Usually, a tension knob located at the top part of the bandsaw. You will find it on a standing shaft that is settled on the bandsaw’s upper cabinet.

So, find the knob and release the tension of the old blade by rotating it anticlockwise. Keep turning the knob till the saw blade is slack and loose enough to remove from the bandsaw.

Lift Up The Blade Guard

If the blade is loose after releasing the tension of the blade, lift up the blade guard of the badsaw.

This guard is able to move frequently and mainly used when you are cutting material of various measurements. This blade guard is always attached in the base part of the blade to make the saw blade safer.

You will found a tightening knob at the upper part of the blade guard. Raise the blade guard to the accurate position and make sure you tighten up the knob perfectly to secure it in its place.

Remove The Rear Part Guard Of The Blade

So, after loosening the blade of the bandsaw and lifted up the head guard, the next work is to remove the backside blade guard.

The backside blade guard covers the blade from bottom to top and saves the bandsaw from the risk of breaking the blade.

Generally, the Phillips screw is used to secure the blade guard to the frame of the blade. Remove this blade guard is very simple. You need to simply unscrew the bolts or screws that hold the blade guard to the blade.

Loosen The Blade Guard Under The Table

After removing the backside guard of the blade, now you have to loosen the blade guard under the table. You will found some blocks and wheels under the table and a wrapped guard that helps to stabilize the bandsaw blade in positon.

To loosen this under the table blade guard, you need to depart the plastic made center from the inside of the saw table. You can use a screwdriver or any type of tool like this to do it.

Then, look through the hole to discover the adjusted screw that sets the protective blade guard in its place. After you will found the screw, loosen it and then spin the blade guard till it comes out from its place.

Remove The Old Bandsaw Blade

Now, it’s time to remove the old blade of your bandsaw. At first, Stand at the front of the bandsaw and Grip the blade close to the upper wheel of the saw.

Now, drag the blade unto you. You have to clear the blade guard on the left and also the metal bracket under the table of the bandsaw.

Finally, rotate the blade in 90-degrees and lead the blade through the hole of the bandsaw table, until the old blade completely comes out from the bandsaw.

Install A New Bandsaw Blade

After removing the old saw blade, now you will be able to install a new saw blade in your bandsaw.

Install the new blade in the bandsaw by following the same technique as you uninstalled the old one.

Always ensure that the center of the blade will set perfectly between the two tires. And after sliding the blade into the table slot, start tightening the tension knob of the bandsaw to set the blade at the accurate position.

And make sure that, you didn’t tighten the tension knob excessively.

And you are Finished!

Final Words

Here, we tried to make a useful discussion about how to change bandsaw blade most effectively.

Hope this tiny article will beneficial for you to do your next DIY bandsaw project.

Thanks in advance.

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