Best Worm Drive Saw Reviews | Top 7 Picks for 2023

wrom drive saw reviews A carpenter knows how important it is to have a sharp and precise saw.

It’s just the secret sauce for a flawless cut.

And when it comes to power, nothing compares to Worm Drive Saw. This electrical tool moderates the cutting process in lesser time.

But Think about this for a moment……

Purchasing a worm drive saw is an investment that will help you in the long run. So rather than buying a cheap saw (that performs like a toy), go for the Best Worm Drive Saw even with some few extra bucks.

Sounds great?

Don’t freak out. To reduce your stress, we have enlisted the top 7 Best Worm Drive Saw that would make your life easier.

Quick saw: What is the best worm drive saw?

  1. Best electric worm drive saw: SKILSAW Worm Drive Circular Saw – “A circular saw with the simplest operation”
  2. Best vintage worm drive saw: Makita Magnesium Hypoid Saw – “The lightest worm drive saw Makita has ever produced”
  3. Best price for worm drive saw: DEWALT Circular Saw – “Considering the price, this a great saw for the bucks”
  4. Best small worm drive saw: SKILSAW SAWSQUATCH Worm Drive Circular Saw – “The perfect combination of accuracy and efficiency”
  5. Best deal worm drive saw: Bosch Worm Drive Circular Saw – “A pocket friendly saw anyone can afford”

Are Worm Drive Saws Better?

A worm drive circular saw has a different motor position than a regular one.

And you are a right-hand user; you should really give it a try. Two gears drive it, so it produces more torque than a regular circular saw. You will get less RPM in a worm drive saw. But better cut depth.

Yet, it is the perfect tool while doing long cuts in a descending direction.

This saw produces an additional force that helps to tear cut lumbers with a higher pressure. A regular saw can’t perform this type of strong cuts.

One more thing……

If you have heavy-duty projects, then this is way better than traditional saws. But it’s a little bit on the pricey side also, totally worth it.

What is the advantage of a worm drive circular saw?

Worm drive circular saws are the best kind of tool you can get for your heavy and large wood. The tool is uniquely designed, makes it a high-performance tool for any type of job.

  • Left-side blade placement helps to get a clear view if you are r-handed. The rigid and powerful motor does not let any wobble happen while cutting. At the end of the device, you will find motor gears.
  • These saws are four times durable than regular circular saws and very durable. The conventional design and unique features make it a must-have tool to have in your inventory.
  • The tool provides more torque and more profound cutting ability. Also, it is a reliable product that gives accuracy and less time-consuming. The magnesium construction of every drive saw gives ultimate comfort and lightweight.

Top 7 Best Worm Drive Saw Reviews: A carpenter guide for a flawless cut

A heavy-duty woodworking project needs a powerful saw with the highest voltage.

Too true!

And here is our review on the top 7 Best Worm Drive Saw which will help you in getting a clean cut effortlessly.

1. SKILSAW Worm Drive Circular Saw

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Carrying a heavier saw is really tough when you are doing heavy-duty woodwork.

Too true!

With this factor in mind, Skilsaw came with this lightweight, high-power drive saw. It continues upholding brand traditions with quality and durability.

One thing is for sure…..

The saw will please you with a high-performance job after job. The product comes with a top-class blade also from Skilsaw. You can use the product right out of the box. Sounds awesome, isn’t it?

This drive saw is designed professionally with the lightest magnesium construction. It is structured, ensuring every detail, and offers efficiency and ease in work. The blade is lightweight and does not compromise with power and handling.

No pressure there!

The saw can rip through a high amount of lumber every day. It allows the worker to saw without any time waste. The tool has a noticeable lightweight of 11.6 lbs.

Because of the lightweight, it works smoothly and for a long time. This tool consists a 15 amp motor. It provides no-load blades peed 5300 RPM. The speed ensures low effort of the worker.

Now let’s talk about the motor.

The motor has a unique copper wiring that lets the motor work more without getting heated. It avoids overheating while cutting through woods. The saw has an ergonomic handle that helps to keep balance and control while working.

The saw comes with an adjustment system that provides cut-ready depth. You do not have to worry about safety because it consists of an anti-snag lower guard.

This powerful tool can cut through 2-3/8 inches at 90 degrees. It also includes a multi-function wrench that helps with blade changing and maintenance. The blade and the wrench are extra features that you may not find in other products. That’s why it is a beneficial purchase.


  • The package includes a wrench and a blade
  • A high rate of RPM
  • Durable built
  • Powerful motor
  • Anti-snag guard


  • Not enough cutting depth

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2. Makita Magnesium Hypoid Saw

No products found.

Don’t think I have to say a lot about this stuff from Makita.

The unique design and customer satisfaction (look at the rate, 4.5!!!) ensure the goodness of this unit.

The powerful saw can cut through any size of ply and does not let any fatigue happen. This quick and large blade makes your heavy-duty tasks easier and effortless.

What really makes it so special?

Makita is highly durable magnesium build hybrid saw that has compressed winding technology. The saw delivers maximum power output with a 15-amp motor. Moreover, the engine delivers 4500 RPM and enough strength to cut woods thoroughly.

The saw is pretty lightweight that is loved by not only me but also professional. Weigh only 13.2 pounds, so it is easy to hold and work with.

The gear helps to provide more contact with the surface and serves more power. It has the great cutting capacity and very easy to use. The saw can stop at different angles to make back and forth changes.

Here is what inside the box:

The saw includes hypoid gears, which are easy to maintain and delivers more precision than worm drive gears. Its gears are sealed in an oil bath, so it does not need any adjustment whatsoever.

The saw includes an ergonomic handle that provides a better grip over the saw. The handle has a rubber grip that fits well with the hand and offers more control. Besides, it contains clearly visible marking and level options for a better working experience.

The package comes with an M-shaped coated framing blade. These two-pointed carbide tips will give you a smoother cut and durability after a long time. Makita always provides the right amount of warranty on their tools so that you can rely on them blindly.


  • Heavy-duty saw
  • Ergonomic handle
  • 4500 RPM
  • 15-amp motor
  • Lightweight


  • Not for left-handers

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3. DEWALT 7-1/4-Inch Worm Drive Saw

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A professional circular saw should have various features and, most importantly, incredible quality.

And This iconic circular saw got all covered at an extremely low price.

You heard that right!

It comes with high-performance ability and smooth cutting ability. Dewalt has a reputation for providing trusted tools since its establishment. This circular saw is upholding its name.

Whenever someone asks me, what is the lightest worm drive saw?

Without any hesitation, my vote goes to this Dewalt unit. This well-engineered tool weighs 13.8 lbs. This lightweight feature has come from magnesium and footplate. However, this tool runs on 110/120 V AC. A 15-amp motor provides the saw with smooth cutting power. The engine runs 4800 RPM.

This gadget is very flexible and adjustable. Besides, the blade can move anywhere from 0 to 53 degrees. The edge is carbide-tipped and has seven ¼ inches 18 teeth. Moreover, a blade wrench is included to make adjustments. This saw offers better torque and sharper cut.

Can this really be true?

Then you should know, The tool has a depth of cut at 90 degrees is almost 1-7/16 inches. Setting the saw for precise depth will reduce the blade friction. It also minimizes any kickback. Depth adjustments are made by moving and positioning the footplate.

This saw has excellent cutting power that attracts most customers. It is a multi-purpose tool that can cut plywood to lumbers without any trouble.

The main beauty of this saw is definitely the design.

The sleek design and the quality of construction are also appreciatable. Buying a superior quality tool like this one will save your time and labor in the long run.

This tool has various safety concerns. A wide rafter hook folds into the tool body when not in use. The tough cord protection delivers 4X protection to the jerk of the cord. Though it is an incredible tool, it’s not entirely flawless. It has an automatic electric brake and no safety switch.


  • Rafter hook
  • Lightweight
  • Deep cut
  • Better torque


  • No safety switch

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4. SKILSAW SAWSQUATCH Worm Drive Circular Saw

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In fourth, we have another Skilsaw circular drive saw.

It is their sawsquatch worm drive saw that is professionally recommended and used. It is so far the largest circular saw available in the market.

If you want to cut a thick and heavy beam, this is the best worm drive saw to help you. Its features, performance, and value make it a must-have item in your tools corner.

How can you beat that?

Any challenging task and heavy-duty work can get more manageable with the right tool. The sawsquatch is calling the right tool because of its power and preciseness.

It has a massive 16-5/16″ blade that can easily cut through a 6×6 beam. It can cut through the maximum depth of 6-1/4 inches. A round arbor supports the edge while cutting.

Damn good!

The tool has a 15 amp worm drive motor with a dual field. It maintains the temperature and doesn’t let the device overheat. It is magnesium-built, which is exceptionally lightweight in comparison to its size.

The tool serves outstanding performance. The center of the blade turns slower with 2500 RPM, but the edge creates high tip speed. It is effortless to use and control. This has a good value with excellent quality. It is the leader of circular saws with impressive cutting power and lower price.

But here is the only issue we didn’t like……

It weighs almost 27 pounds which is a disadvantage if you are looking for something portable. Besides, to cope with the size, the machine has an electric brake.

So what’s the silver lining?

Skilsaw can make an excellent addition to your tools inventory. IF you are a professional woodworker, then this can be a worthwhile purchase. Novice DIY workers should not waste their money on this tough tool.


  • High cutting power
  • Large blade
  • Depth cut
  • Dust port
  • Corded motor


  • Heavy

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5. Bosch Worm Drive Circular Saw 

No products found.

Lastly, we have the worm drive circular saw from BOSCH.

This professionally structured drive construction just stuns me the way it delivers power and versatility.

The body and the quality blend really well and achieve customer satisfaction. It is a cool tool that comes with a worm drive, blade, wrench, and hook. So, the process of cutting and maintaining is no longer a hassle.

Bosch circular saw has a lightweight design that delivers accuracy and durability at the same time. The strength of the body comes from sturdy magnesium housing and a die-cast magnesium footplate.

How cool is that?

This unique blend of magnesium provides real strength and reliable lifetime use. You will achieve stable and rigid motor housing. Moreover, the tool is lightweight, with 13.2 pounds only.

This gadget has a worm drove design that offers preciseness and durability. It is an excellent product for right-hand users. The gear has a large gearing ratio but in a small size. Its packaging is way more manageable than any other tool.

The tool has a 15 amp motor which provides plenty of torque. Also, it eliminates blade wobble and ensures preciseness. The engine offers 5300 RPM, and the sharp blade has a 53-degree bevel capacity.

The versatile cuts of the blade really impress us.

Besides, you can make any quick adjustment and modification at any time with this easy tool. The built-in saw hook offers convenient storage middle of cuts.

You will get an on-board multi-function wrench that helps to change the blades whenever it’s needed. The saw has a spindle lock. Also, an anti-snag lower guard is for safety while the saw is not operating. The handles provide comfortable grips and very effortless to use.


  • Powerful and versatile
  • Easy to use
  • Safety concerned
  • Plenty of torque
  • Lightweight


  • Hard to maintain

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6. Milwaukee Brushless Circular Saw

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When it comes to a fast circular saw, Milwaukee is unbeatable.


It offers better service than most other worm drives saw available in the market. Its 30% shorter cut, 3x longevity, and 2x more runtime impress people greatly. The features and quality is everything you should look for in a worm drive saw.

Here is the coolest part……

This circular saw comes with a brushless motor that is cordless and has offered high power of 18 Volt. You don’t need to worry about electricity and work with its power. A lithium battery delivers optimum power supply to cope with any hard lumber. Moreover, it resists overheating, over-discharging and over-loading.

Let me share my thought:

The extraordinary construction and design of this machine is the fact that keeps it way ahead of the rest of the others.

The saw has a durable and lightweight base made of cast magnesium. The most important feature is its sharp blade. It comes with a metal guard and confirms cutline accuracy, visibility, and straight edge without any harsh line. Moreover, the saw includes LED light and a rafter hook to deliver better usefulness.

And you know what? It has good customer ratings and reviews besides its features.

Now let’s see the other part of the coin……..

Though the general performance and features are pretty outstanding, its safety has some issues. The blade guard hangs in the place and does not move. Still, it is a pretty good machine with quality and standards.


  • It has a brushless motor
  • Blade brake helps with comfortable cutting
  • Markings ensure accuracy
  • There is no bevel stop
  • LED light included


  • Guard does not work well.

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7. Big Foot Tools Wormdrive Circular Saw

No products found.

Another big hit in this list is a circular saw.

But first and foremost, let me say this straight:

If you are in a limited time to deliver a project, this worm drive saw will be your life savior. Its cutting capacity and fast speed attract woodworkers a lot. Besides, the durability and lightweight feature are also very approaching.

The beam saw is very lightweight, with just 17 lbs. The body of the saw has a carbon steel construction. Though the saw is light, it delivers strength. This worm drive saw has high functioned 36 teeth carbide-tipped blade. You can achieve a clean and bold cut every time with the help of a steel blade plate.

The fantastic cutting ability is the main beauty of this saw.

It’s hard to find a beam saw with a worm drive. This worm drive saw can cut 10-1/4 inch beam in a single pass. Its cutting angle and load capacity prove its strength and power. Besides, the saw has a powerful motor to support its functions.

This tool is highly appreciated for its RPM range, longevity, and high-performance. But people often find the saw has a low torque rate.

For this professionally made beam saw, you need to have a more significant budget range. But, the quality and features are worth spending money on.


  • Professionally made saw
  • Cuts 4×4 beam in a single pass
  • Steel blade plate for a smoother cut
  • 36 tooth carbide blade cuts deeper
  • Lightweight design is easy to carry


  • Lower torque than competitors
  • Pretty expensive

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How do worm drive saws differ from sidewinders?


Different tools serve different purposes. Worm drive saws and sidewinders are also used for various work.

But there are some differences between them, like mechanical and objective. They look different and have different parts.

What does this mean?

The mechanical difference occurs by their looks and position of motor and gearing. For example, a sidewinder has a super-gear engine. The motor is situated in a straight line with the blade. In a sidewinder, the blades spin fast with 6000 RPM.

Whereas a worm drive saw has a less powerful engine positioned in the rear end of the saw. The gears are placed at a 90-degree angle in the tool. The motor minimizes the speed by 4500 RPM. Also, it gives better torque and heavier weight.

But there’s one small catch…..

Sidewinders are lighter and used for overworking duty. A worm drive saw is for longer plywood and precise cuts.

Who makes the best worm drive saw?

Different companies produce professional saws that work pretty well for any wood projects. A person attracts with saw quality and features. But for heavy-duty works, worm drive saws are most preferred.

From our perspective, we think DEWALT is the champion in this tough competition. It has made some fantastic product that has gained more customer satisfaction and highly rated.

So, no wonder there is a couple of DEWALT worm drive saw on our list. Their circular saw has the great cutting ability and a sharp blade. It is lightweight like other Dewalt saws and has excellent speed. Dewalt is more famous because of its reliability.

Want to know the best part?

You will get a quality time warranty with these saws. It has gained popularity since its establishment and still performing a great job in the tools industry. A DEWALT tool is a must-have to keep in your inventory.

Things to Consider While Buying a Worm Drive Saw

If you are thinking of a home workshop, there is no alternative than a worm drive saw. But it would help if you considered some factors before buying the best worm drive circular saw. Such as-

1. Mechanical style:

The worm drive saw has different body types and built quality. Some come with a footplate.

Again, some have an aluminum mixture in the body. But you need to choose the lightest worm drive saw available. The magnesium-built drive saw with a 15-amp motor is the best deal with the portable feature.

2. Power:

In a saw, the power is generally expressed in amperage. All drive saws available in the market give a motor with a 15-amp power range. Don’t settle for less than that. Otherwise, the engine won’t work. Necessary torque needs a sufficient power supply. To cut deeper and precisely, a high-power motor is a must.

3. Cord:

There are two types of worm drive saw. One comes with a cable that is better for heavy-duty woodwork. But with a cordless saw, you can cut without any trouble for the plugin.

Cordless is basically a battery-powered saw. But the direct plugin is used by professionals to not interrupting service.

4. Blade:

The saw blade’s diameter makes a huge difference when it’s time to consider the best tool. Saws with large blades make cuts deeper and broader. It is used for cutting wood beams and tick ply.

Smaller-sized edges are for smaller and precise amounts. You can make adjustments with this blade and move according to your choice.

5. Ergonomics:

Before buying a worm drive saw, check the handle and its grip. If it does not feel comfortable, then this can’t be the right choice. Heavy-duty workload needs comfort and advantages of the tool. Check its brake and wrench.

Final Verdict

It’s true a worm drive saw is usually used for ripping the wood. But it’s way more versatile than that. If you are thinking of cross-cutting, then this might not help you that much. Worm drive saws weigh more than regular saws.

We have tried to give every piece of detailed information regarding these listed 5 best worm drive saws to make your buying journey stress-free.


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