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How to restring a pole saw
Pole Saw

How to restring a pole saw ? Complete Guide for 2020

A pole saw blade is, in short, a saw at the end of a pole. The pole that the saw is attached to is typically extendable and mostly reaches up to around 10 or 20 feet. The blade that is attached at the end is often a hacksaw with a slight curve. It is a

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dewalt dw715 review
Miter Saw

DEWALT DW715 Review for 2020- Before Buy this Compound Miter Saw

A compound miter saw could be the best thing in the tools collection for a professional. This amazing tool single-handedly can complete too many projects, especially woodworking projects. And if you consider some top-rated brands for tools, undoubtedly DEWALT would be at the top. They make such amazing machines for professionals and with less price.

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how to replace the chainsaw chain

How To Replace The Chainsaw Chain in 2020

A chainsaw is a handy tool to use. Over time, the chain can get damaged, which will decrease the level of the performance of your chainsaw. It is the time when you will need to replace the chain on your chainsaw. You can always look for a professional to do it for you. But you

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table saw safety
Table Saw

Table Saw Safety Tips – Woodworking Tips for 2020

The table saw can be considered as one of the key elements of any workshop. You will be using this most out of any tool you have. There are many things to know about how to use it properly and many things to forget over time. Accidents may cause if your idea of using a

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