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best electric pole saw featured image
Pole Saw

Top 6 Best Electric Pole Saw: Detailed Guideline For 2020

Let’s talk electric pole trimmers. They are lighter, make less noise than petrol ones and environmentally friendly. Over the years, a lot of homeowners are shifting to corded pole saws because of their ease of use and affordability. If you are looking for something durable that can compete with a gas-powered pole chainsaw, you are

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how to clean pole saw blade
Pole Saw

How to clean a pole saw blade ? 6 Useful Steps

Introduction: You probably already know the usefulness of owning a pole saw if you are a gardener or a farm owner. Life before the pole saw wasn’t that easy; people needed to climb on ladders for pruning branches manually. However, pruning in this way wasn’t as efficient as of using a pole saw. Manual pruning

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How to cut angles on a table saw
Table Saw

How to cut angles on a table saw ? Explained In Detail

What is a table saw? Before describing what a table saw is, we should figure out what a saw is. A saw is a thin serrated blade that is typically used to cut wood. There are different types of saws available on the market like the circular saw, miter saw, band saw, pole saw, chainsaw,

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best cordless pole saw
Pole Saw

Best Cordless Pole Saw 2020 – Top Picks and Reviews

If you have worked with a chainsaw before, you surely have an idea about how much hard work it takes to use the traditional chainsaw. So, if you are tired of using them then I have a simple solution for you that is cordless pole saw, and, in this article, I will try to talk

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How to Untangle a Chainsaw Chain

How to Untangle a Chainsaw Chain ? – 5 Useful Step

For woodcutting works, the chainsaw is an excellent solution. This tool could make your daily works easier. Notably, if you are a professional and have to deal with so many projects, this amazing power tool should be in your tool collection. To ensure the best performance from this tool, you need to make sure you

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